Will The Corset Go Out Of Fashion?

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Will The Corset Go Out Of Fashion?
Will The Corset Go Out Of Fashion?
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Is there any fashion for corsets? Does the question seem strange? Then let's go from the other side. Will short legs and barrel-shaped bodies become fashionable for women?

Most people would agree that body proportions are at least as important a question as what the body is wearing. A thin waist and long legs (at the same time) are perceived by the same majority as a very attractive combination. And it is clear that corsets and high heels (stilettos) are the most suitable option to achieve this effect. Especially if radical intervention (surgery) or "long-term construction" (months of fitness or "chemotherapy") are undesirable.

What follows from what has been said? What follows is that both high heels and corsets are not a fashion item. And this statement is proved by the fact that both of these objects (heels and corsets) are more than a dozen years old. And even more than that - not one hundred!

It is strange to hear the statement "why do I need heels, my legs are okay anyway" ?! It is no less strange now that we have ceased to be the most socialist country in the world, where there was no sex or fashion, to hear statements "why do I need a corset, my figure is okay" or "why do I need perfume if I washed "?!

Well, if you think so, then you can completely come to the final idea: "why do I need clothes (hairpins, corsets, cosmetics, jewelry, massage, solarium, creams, perfumes, evening dresses, etc.), if I am all covered natural skin, hair, I have legs, a figure, a natural smell … I will walk like this. I am so all natural and natural "…

Such ideas bring a smile to most women, and even men, choosing between such a "snow man" and a well-groomed woman in heels with a thin waist, smelling good, etc., in most cases will prefer … In other things, it is clear that men will prefer … Maybe it's not normal to prefer all these devices, substances, means, devices for correcting and "fine-tuning" the appearance and image? Or is it okay?

Women at all times wanted to look attractive, and men from time immemorial admired long legs and thin waists. But, at the same time, it is important to understand one specific point in the differences between male and female perception!

They say that men "will not miss a single skirt"! But who says that? Men? No, women. This is not a masculine phrase! A man is unlikely to notice what the skirt was. But the ass, on which this very skirt was wearing, the man will definitely notice. Especially if there was a thin waist above the bottom, and long legs below. This is the key difference between feminine and masculine perception.

Men live by goals (dreams), plans, ideas, routes, directions and lines. In everything they see possible prospects for a new tomorrow. That is why they care so little about how they look and what they are wearing. And well-groomed doll boys are not perceived in most cases as real men.

On the other hand, women live in incarnations, materialization, the construction of the real today, in contrast to men. That is why they will notice (not miss) every skirt. They will appreciate it and consider it. The model, the fabric, the success of the choice and combination with other clothes - all this will be considered by the woman. And completely missed by the man. Women are practical and efficient, while men are mobile and “dreamy”. Women are almost always in "here and now", and men - in "such an interesting tomorrow" …

It all pours out in the fact that women see the skirt, and men see the outline that the skirt creates together with the long legs and thinness of the waist.

Thus, corsets, like stilettos, are not an item that can come into fashion or go out of it. These are tools! Tools for creating lines and contours of the body of an "attractive and desirable" woman. And it is very naive to follow the "fashion" for these tools. They are necessary for every woman to be able to use them to the fullest, and not blindly obey the whims of the superstars of television and the stage. After all, most of these stars are “selected” by the producers “barbie dolls”, with whom personal fitness instructors work, and for whom, in most cases, the figure can initially do without any correction. And where this correction was needed, most often, the surgeon's knife has already worked.

So is it worth it to deny yourself the tools, starting from the opinions of those who do not need them for a simple reason - unlimited (for this case) financial possibilities of operative (operation) body correction? No, not worth it!

Hairpins and corsets are a method and tools available to every woman to create the desired image. Proportions that will always have the desired effect on a man, moreover, a predictable effect. This means that a woman can always use these tools at the right time for her to achieve her goals, which, for example, depend on some (or some) man.

So what is a corset? Clothing? Absurd!

Like a hairpin, it cannot perform the basic functions that are required of clothing. It will not provide protection from the cold and comfort in all situations. Just like a hairpin, it will not allow you to be quick and flexible in movements while chasing, for example, a mammoth or when fishing … But today is not the Stone Age. And we can afford some "liberties". We don't have to worry about a hungry jaguar jumping off a palm tree and running through the jungle with high heels and a corset waist. Today we do not have to worry about the possibility of breaking our legs, entangled with heels in vines, or that we will suffocate in a corset from a fast run for a distance of ten kilometers on rough terrain … diamond.In both cases, discussing their convenience for living in a forest gatehouse is simply pointless!

Now back to our question: will the corset go out of fashion?

Will there come a time when men stop responding to thin waists and long legs? As the saying goes: "God forbid!" After all, this will mean that in men the basic instinct has become dulled, thanks to which the human species today is the most widespread on our planet. And if, nevertheless, such times come, then, most likely, we will no longer have time for corsets, stilettos, breast sizes and other things. We'll be on the brink of extinction as a species! And as long as corsets are "in fashion", all is not lost with us. And may this situation remain unchanged for as long as possible! Let every woman own all the tools that make her so beautiful and desirable. Let straight backs and thin waists surround us, supporting in us the desire to live and achieve something. Beauty will save the world … So they say. For this it is worth creating and maintaining beauty,no matter how hard it costs us. And let's pay tribute to the people who created all these tools for us. Bow to them! And long live their creations at all times !!!


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