SWIMS - New Collection Of Loafers Spring-summer

SWIMS - New Collection Of Loafers Spring-summer
SWIMS - New Collection Of Loafers Spring-summer
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This season, the Norwegian brand SWIMS, known as a manufacturer of colorful designer galoshes, will present to lovers of stylish and practical accessories a collection of women's and men's loafers, created in an elegant casual style.

SWIMS loves to reimagine the classics, taking into account modern requirements for comfort and new technologies. This is the philosophy of the brand and the secret of its success in the global market. And modern high-tech materials help to put this philosophy into practice.

Especially for summer walks and outdoor recreation, the designer of the Norwegian brand SWIMS Johan Ringdahl has created a collection of loafers - light, comfortable and extremely functional. After all, for Scandinavians, functionality and beauty are almost synonymous.

Classic loafers made of thin and delicate leather do not tolerate contact with water. Therefore, the most important thing for Johan was to create practical shoes that can be worn absolutely everywhere and in any weather - on the beach, during a sea trip or in the mountains. You can even swim in such moccasins, without the risk of scratching your feet on pitfalls and corals.

For his collection, the designer chose the most modern high-tech materials that do not allow moisture to pass through, but at the same time allow the feet to breathe and feel comfortable, and even have antibacterial properties. The lower part of the moccasins is made of durable, flexible and waterproof TPU. And the upper is made of 2-layer nylon mesh for breathability, combined with silicone for maximum comfort. The SWIMS Loafers outsole is made of natural rubber with a special ribbed texture so that the foot does not slip even on a smooth, damp surface. Inside there is an anatomically shaped insole to support the foot and a soft "heel", and on the sides there are additional ventilation holes that allow the foot to breathe. There are loafers with "penny front" (stitched front) and loafers with laces.

As a result, classic loafers have evolved into a versatile summer shoe, and their stylish, emphatically modern design makes them look great with fluffy dresses and light trousers, as well as jeans or beach shorts. All moccasins are multicolored, as required by summer fashion.

The women's collection is available in five color options: red, navy blue, lavender, white and navy blue with contrasting white trim.

The men's collection is available in six color options: reds, navy blue, and aqua loafers. Penny fronts with laces include blue with orange, white with dark blue, and navy with white.

Simultaneously with Moscow, SWIMS Loafers will appear in London's Harrods department store, New York's Saks Fifth Avenue and other top stores around the world.

Available from April 15th.

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