National Traditions Of Ethnicity

National Traditions Of Ethnicity
National Traditions Of Ethnicity

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National Traditions of Ethnicity

The owners of MINNETONKMoccasin have successfully transformed ethnic moccasins into a modern urban chic style, which, thanks to their concept, fit into the best of the best. The moccasins are handcrafted in their characteristic "careless - cleverly conceived" form. Bright prints in models are the privilege of MINNETONKA stylists. Worthy, thanks to the exceptional rough workmanship, these shoes are able to withstand any kind of weather conditions. Ethnic style MINNETONKMoccasin - as a tribute to a bygone era, in fact, is a noticeable and stylistically fashionable trend.

All shades are presented to your attention: from black to golden-beige, there are more “smart” sandals that can be combined with any things of a modern woman.

Designers offer shoes in exotic traditions, stylized in the national spirit of the Indians.

These traditions feed many designers in the fashion industry - YSL, DIOR, GUCCI, D&G, etc.

MINNETONKMoccasin shoes differ from other similar models with an exotic touch. It should be noted that this product is of a high-quality structure. The hand of a professional is visible. All products impress to be worn.

The favorite material of MINNETONK craftsmen is suede, which perfectly sets off any outfit. MINNETONK is a "vintage" of a special character, which is passed on from year to year, time-tested and by more than one generation of clients.

MINNETONKMoccasin shoes are a direct heritage of historical and national traditions, an example of shoe craft, created with American precision and technological excellence, capable of decorating your life.

At the fashion shows in Milan (Italy), experts unmistakably determine the direction of Woodstock, mentioning in their blogs that the originator of the idea of ​​“fringed suede” is the American company MINNETONKMoccasin with 65 years of experience in the footwear industry.

And this, in essence, 100% tradition is impressive!

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