Moccasins. Second Skin

Moccasins. Second Skin
Moccasins. Second Skin
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For the spring-summer 2009 season, Ralf Ringer has prepared for connoisseurs of convenience and comfort a number of styles of modern and practical footwear - moccasins.

Historically, moccasins are considered to have a second skin effect. Their homeland is the USA, and the main difference from other types of footwear is the absence of the main insole, which usually gives rigidity to the structure. Loafers were assembled from a single piece of leather and sewn with a single seam running down the middle of the sole. Thus, a shoe was obtained that freely bent in all directions and did not tear or peel off from the sole. The moccasin insert was manually woven on top with a strong waxed thread, what ?!

Now it may well pass for an imitation of the hand-made fashion trend, and was attached to the main part. These are the truly classic styles of moccasins that can be found in the upcoming season in Ralf Ringer stores. Among them are Oregon and Winmok.

These styles are from the category of mass demand. Lightweight rubber outsole provides cushioning while walking and reduces stress on the foot. A distinctive feature of the Oregon design is the weaving of the moccasin seam and improvised rubber spikes on the sole.

Among the models in the high price range, a new cut has also appeared - the false York moccasin. This is a reasonable compromise between the familiar classics and convenience. With an almost unchanged appearance, the resemblance to a moccasin is given by an oval insert, gathered by a seam, and a characteristic edging in the edging - the design has changed in the direction of standard low shoes. This design allows a man to be not only modern and elegant, but also to enjoy the comfort inherent in a moccasin. York is made from high quality soft grain leathers!

The sole is also leather and is equipped with rubber inserts, which allows you to maintain a presentation for a long time. These moccasins are false, but truly stylish, made taking into account the latest trends in world fashion, and are equally appropriate to wear with an office suit and with clothes for outdoor activities. To top it all off, Ralf Ringer has given its new products a "broken" effect. After special treatment, the skin acquires a specific cellular pattern and pleasant softness. Almost like real skin … second skin!

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