Mojito Is The Favorite Drink Of The Pirate Drake

Mojito Is The Favorite Drink Of The Pirate Drake
Mojito Is The Favorite Drink Of The Pirate Drake

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I want to tell you about my experiments in the creation of the most famous cocktail based on white rum. Each author brings something of his own to this alcoholic ensemble!

It's about a classic mojito based on white rum, lime and mint. All other cooking variations - with strawberries, melon, apples, pumpkin - just to once again be convinced of the benefits of the delicate flavors of lime and mint. The authorship of the predecessor of Mojito, the Drak cocktail, is prescribed to the pirates of Francis Drake. Then, in the 16th century, mint and lime were added to rough pirate rum for two reasons - they served as prevention of diseases and drowned out the eerie taste.

Despite the hackneyed pirate image of "15 men for a dead man's chest and a bottle of rum" *, even the harsh sailors did not like to drink pure rum. Although, the strong drink probably served as an excellent anesthetic when performing simple operations to amputate injured limbs. But, unlike other spirits, white rum has the amazing ability to acquire the flavor of the ingredients with which it is mixed. All other drinks (vodka, whiskey, cognac, etc.) add their own flavor notes to the mixed ingredient. White rum is usually produced in Cuba. Thanks to the efforts of the Bacardi company, many believe that rum is "bacardi". In fact, white rum can be sold under other brands, this will not change its taste.

So, we found out that we need white rum to make the drink! Sold in almost all supermarkets, the ideal price is 650-750 rubles for 0.75L. Next, we collect the following ingredients:

  1. Tonic, ideally "white" (there is also a lemon one, it can be purchased for taste experiments), it is very good if it is SCHWEPPES or EVERVESS. If not, any white soda will work. Buy more tonic, why - find out below
  2. Mint. One glass takes 3-5 branches.
  3. Lime. One glass - half a lime
  4. Sugar. Ideally sugar syrup
  5. Iced green tea (optional)
  6. Wooden "crush", shaker, ice
  7. Mint syrup (optional)

At the sight of a list of ingredients for a cocktail, many abandon the idea of ​​diversifying their alcoholic party, because many components have to be purchased from different stores. But, believe me, the result is far superior to the effect of "mono" alcoholic beverages and uncomplicated "martini with juice". Of the optional components - green tea, shaker, ice, syrup.

Next, the classic recipes will start to differ. Also, from the text you will understand what delights you can refuse.

We take a transparent shaker at 0.5L (it is planned to drink from it, so transparency is needed here for a beautiful result), we get a double mojito for one person, so to speak - "for the whole evening". We clean the leaves from 7-8 sprigs of mint (I love large-leaf mint, it is juicier). Finely chop half of the lime (about 8-10 slices). Add a teaspoon of sugar or syrup. We mimic all this with a wooden "crush" (if you use a thin glass - be careful!). We pour there 100-150 grams of rum (depending on the desired strength, unlike buying a cocktail at a bar, here you regulate the degree of the drink yourself). Add mint syrup 40-80 ml (it serves to enhance the taste of mint), add ice. Fill everything with tonic and green tea until the required volume is obtained (i.e. fill the existing container). Close, mix,open the shaker cap and insert the tube. The cocktail is ready! You can pour the result into a glass, but in a shaker, the result looks more beautiful, and it is more convenient to move around with it.

Now a little nuance. It's no secret that no matter how we try to make ourselves a promise in the morning not to drink again for anything in our life, "drinking" in our life happens quite often. The main reason is that after the first portion of alcohol it is more difficult for us to slow down. Mojito can help with this braking! After draining 0.5L of alcoholic cocktail, add one tonic to the glass! You can spice it up with mint and lime syrup. The trick lies in the fact that alcoholic and non-alcoholic mojitos are very similar in taste, we easily manage to deceive the body, "palming" it with a version without degrees. Thus, you can maintain a state of fun for a longer time and wake up in the morning with a normal head.

The famous words "15 men for a dead man's chest and a bottle of rum" are associated with the pirate Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard, whose name thundered at the beginning of the 18th century. With his cruelty, he terrified even pirates, so it is not surprising that a mutiny broke out on his ship. The leader managed to suppress the rebellion, and he decided, as was customary among the free brotherhood of "gentlemen of fortune", to land fifteen rebels on the island of the Dead Man's Chest. The unhappy were given a bottle of rum each and a bunch of sabers were thrown off them. The cruel pirate was well aware that he was condemning the rebels to a painful death, since rum only increased thirst, and there were no sources of water on the island. Teach had no doubt that the pirates, drunk, would kill each other. On a pitiful piece of land measuring 10x20 meters, it was impossible to hide from either the sultry sun or snakes.The sailors managed to make a fire, since they had a tinderbox. With the help of canvas, they managed to collect a certain amount of water during the night, which they diluted with sea water. There was little water, the thirst was terrible, and it is not surprising that the unfortunate ones in their delirium could see Devi Jones himself. People were at their best, they had no squabbles and stabbing. It is possible that the authority of Billy Bons played a role in this. People lived by collecting shellfish, crabs and other edible animals. But the main food was lizards and snakes, the meat of which was dried in the sun. One can imagine how surprised Blackbeard returned a month later to the Dead Man's Chest when he saw, albeit terribly emaciated, but living people. The team unanimously demanded to take the unfortunate to the ship, which was done. It is this story, having become a legend of the Caribbean,and formed the basis for the song about fifteen people on the Dead Man's Chest.

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