GRESSO Presented New Generation Glasses At MIOF

GRESSO Presented New Generation Glasses At MIOF
GRESSO Presented New Generation Glasses At MIOF
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Titanium, lightweight. The first glasses that cannot be broken.

GRESSO, a manufacturer of luxury phones and accessories, based on the experience of many years of work with aviation titanium, has developed its own innovative technology for the production of another premium product from this exclusive material - sunglasses and medical glasses, which it presented at the Moscow International Optical Exhibition (MIOF).

Gresso glasses are a combination of unique technologies and materials:

- Using a rare aircraft titanium with memory for the frame. Expensive and difficult to process material makes glasses a prestigious accessory, ultra-light, durable and not subject to deformation.

- Technology of solid (seamless) laser cutting of titanium frames. The technology, which appeared in the world just a decade ago, was practically re-invented by GRESSO engineers, who were able to apply it to solve a more complex task - seamless cutting from titanium with memory.

- Another in-house development of the company is a hinge that acts as a lock for lenses, without a single seam and bolt. Thus, the frame of the glasses is made of an absolutely solid titanium sheet. This technology has been pending a patent.

New technologies endow GRESSO glasses with fundamentally different qualities.

- GRESSO - the first glasses that cannot be broken. Stylish, reliable, safe.

The frame of the GRESSO glasses is made of a solid sheet of titanium and does not have welds or screws (the usual weak points where simple glasses most often break), so it can withstand numerous drops, bends, stretches and impacts. Glasses bend, but do not break, even when hit by a weight. They are able to withstand any bend, fold in half and then, upon termination of exposure, return to their ideal original shape. German lenses of the highest quality Carl Zeiss will not let you down either - lenses made of nylon bend, not break.

(Simultaneously with the premium titanium glasses, GRESSO introduces a more democratic line to the market - glasses made of steel with memory and the same properties.)

- Ultra light and comfortable

Titanium used in the frame of GRESSO glasses is much stronger than steel, while being 2 times lighter. Classic "aviators" GRESSO weigh only 18 grams - glasses seem almost weightless and give comfort during prolonged wear.

Professional pilots who took part in the testing of the "aviators" from GRESSO, highly appreciated the glasses, which allow you to stay under the sun for a long time without any fatigue. 2 times lighter Gresso glasses practically do not put pressure on the nose, temples and ears. At the same time, which was especially appreciated by the pilots, the ultra-thin titanium arms do not interfere with the use of headphones at the same time.

- Hypoallergenic

GRESSO titanium glasses are completely safe for sensitive skin, do not oxidize and do not change their properties over time.

Created by the engineers and designers of GRESSO, ultra-light sunglasses and medical titanium glasses are intended for the connoisseur of exclusive accessories. The durability of the glasses will be especially appreciated by travelers, for whom breakage of glasses far from home becomes a real disaster, or athletes and parents of children who have glasses at a much higher risk of breakage.

Minimalistic design, premium materials, innovative frame manufacturing technologies will give a feeling of comfort and emphasize the unique image of the wearer. Each pair of glasses is engineered with precision and hand-assembled by highly skilled craftsmen. GRESSO has made glasses perfect. After them, you will not be able to wear others.

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