Belts For All Occasions

Belts For All Occasions
Belts For All Occasions
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The Fashion Weeks held in New York, London, Paris, Milan showed a new silhouette. Several doll dresses and loose, shapeless clothes were replaced by a clear silhouette with an accentuated waist - the so-called hourglass silhouette. Therefore, one of the main accessories in the next season will be a belt - it accentuates the waist, although, perhaps, it will not make it an "aspen". The challenge is to choose a belt that best suits your body type.

First of all, it should be noted that the belt should be exactly at the waist - no belts dangling somewhere around the hips. Wide or medium-sized belts with a large or at least noticeable buckle will solve the problem of a pear-shaped figure and will distract attention from the hips. A narrow patent leather belt is suitable for short stature - it will not "weigh down" the proportions. The same narrow or, in extreme cases, medium-wide belt will cope with the problem of lack of a waist. And wide corset belts will accentuate the shape and balance the proportions.

Skinny belts can help create a forties-inspired silhouette when paired with a jacket, sweater or cardigan. The wide belt will fit a winter coat. Belts with a large buckle can be combined with a long shirt or sweater, wide trousers with a high waist. A wide belt-scarf (camerband) is best combined with a tight wrap dress or long jacket. Finally, a belt-belt made of satin or soft leather will perfectly match an evening dress and long black gloves in the style of Yves Saint Laurent evening gowns.

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