Stars And Fashion At The Exhibition Of Dogs Of All Breeds "Russia-2015"

Stars And Fashion At The Exhibition Of Dogs Of All Breeds "Russia-2015"
Stars And Fashion At The Exhibition Of Dogs Of All Breeds "Russia-2015"
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On October 31 and November 1, 2015, the XXII International Dog Show of all breeds “Russia-2015” was held in Moscow at the Crocus Expo IEC - the final main event before the World Dog Show-2016

This year, 11843 dogs of 250 breeds took part in the largest canine exhibition, which, according to tradition, was opened by the president of the RKF, the famous stuntman, director and producer Alexander Inshakov. They came from all over our country and from abroad. The most numerous were the groups of Italian Cane Corso, Labrador Retrievers, Siberian Huskies and Pomeranian Spitz. On each day from 95 to 125 dogs of each of these breeds gathered in the rings. The guests of the exhibition could also meet dogs of rare breeds for our country. The Czech Terrier, Russian Pied Hound, English Toy Terrier, Bavarian Mountain Hound, Field Spaniel were presented in a single copy.

Movie and show business stars: Irina Gribulina, Alexey Ogurtsov, Victoria Lopyreva, Elena Suprun, Lesya Yaroslavskaya, the Zayev sisters - Tatyana and Elena, Sergey Ashikhmin, Dmitry Nesterov came to support the dogs from shelters: Reflection, Domashny, Sheremetyevsky "And" Super Dog "- participants of the traditional charity action" Give a dog a home! " Right at the exhibition, volunteers from the Sheremetyevo Shelter found a family for the American Bulldog Sam and the American Staffordshire Terrier Ranila, and several families with small children expressed a desire to come to the shelter and choose a pet for themselves. Shelter "Super Dog" won the guests with a mini-exhibition of photographs, and one of the nurseries donated all the won food to "Super Dog", which will be enough for the shelter for 2 months. Representatives of the Reflection shelter said that they also donated food,and besides, after the show, people who wanted to take a shepherd dog began to call them more often.

RKF actively supports various social organizations and not only for dogs. The Russia-2015 exhibition was attended by patients from the Overcoming rehabilitation center, which treats people with severe spinal cord injuries and cerebral palsy.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the performances of the instrumental group VeronViolin Show and the young four-time European and world champion in dance show Anni Volkova.

For the ceremony of awarding international and All-Russian champions in sports and training, as well as the presentation of the certificate of master of sports in sports and applied dog breeding, the organizers of the exhibition specially invited the director of the State Museum of Sports, head. Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva as the head of the RSUFKS department.

As part of the rich program of the Russia-2015 exhibition, visitors were able to enjoy spectacular sports competitions. It was the agility championship (overcoming obstacles) and the RKF flyball championship (ball relay). Also at the exhibition was the RKF championship in dancing with dogs, in which 93 couples (people and dogs of 39 breeds) from 16 cities took part. Each pair represented not just a dance, but a complete composition in which everything was important - music, movements, and the interaction of man and dog. The winners of this championship got the opportunity to enter a larger tournament - the 2016 World Championship, which will be held in Moscow as part of the World Dog Show.

Frisbee fans also appeared in the main ring. Frisbee freestylers Alexey Novikov and two-time champion of Russia in this discipline Alexander Alexandrov, as well as Sergey Gurov and Malinois Lina, Victoria Ulyanova and Whippet Asmodey, Olga Zmeevskaya and Welsh Corgi Pembroke Alka, Maria Kustarnikova and Jack Russell ter …

In addition to sports performances, the guests of the Russia-2015 exhibition did not leave indifferent the spectacular fashion show, where the owners showed their favorites in original outfits with great pleasure. The dog costume competition was judged by one of the most famous Russian designers and fashion designers Elena Suprun. More than 15 contestants took part in the fashion show. Elena Suprun gave the first place to the costume "Voevoda with a retinue", in the role of which were performed by Elena Abdullina and a 5-year-old girl Liza with Yorkshire terriers Chucha and Kapa, ​​and a mestizo Belka. The second place was deservedly received by the suit "Chess Tournament", which was presented by Oleg Grekov and a Polish shepherd dog named Tsar. The third place was taken by the costume "Russian sundress", the main idea of ​​which was embodied by Tatyana Sukhareva and Yorkshire terriers Skripa and Aurora.

A memorable event on the second day of the exhibition was the honoring of the international judge for all breeds of dogs, one of the creators and ideological inspirers of the dog show "Russia" Elena Erusalimskaya. Alexander Inshakov congratulated Elena Vladimirovna on her 60th birthday, as well as on her 35th birthday in cynology.

In the afternoon, the final competitions for dogs began in the main ring, which were recognized by the judges as the best in working rings. The most authoritative judges chose the best pair of dogs, the best kennel and the best breeder, as well as the best puppy in the show, the best junior and, finally, the best dog in the show. The Pride of Russia competition is held at RKF exhibitions especially for dogs of domestic breeds. On the first day of the show, such a high title was awarded to the Samoyed dog SMILING SNOWBALL MOON WALK (owner Dombrovskaya O.), on the second - the Moscow watchdog ZLATO EKATERINY GUBERNATOR (owner Komaristaya EA).

The exhibition ended with the choice of the "Best in show" (BIS). On the first day this title was awarded to the German wolfspitz SHOWTYME ADMIRAAL THE MIGHTY SVEN (owner HOOPER; WOODLIFFE; DE BRUN). The second place was taken by the wire-haired rabbit dachshund BALTIYSKIY TALISMAN ISTORIYLUBVI (owner Kuropatkina Yu.), The third - the Irish red setter APPLEGROVE BECHAMEL (owner I. Trusov). Boxer SATELIT VAN HELSING (owner Gornova E.V.) became the best dog of the show on the second day, the owner of the RKF President's Cup was the boxer SATELIT VAN HELSING (owner Gornova EV), the second place was taken by the welsh corgi pembroke ANDVOL PINKERTON (N / B) (owner Shuvalova O.), the third - the Pharaoh's dog REEDLY ROAD ILLUMINATED (owner M. Evteeva).

It is noteworthy that cynology unites everyone - dog lovers were also among the employees of the ambulance substation, who gladly supported the organizers of the exhibition by providing the best team.

During the best dogs best dogs online broadcast on the site was watched by up to 4000 people simultaneously not only from Russia, but also from England, Poland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the USA.

2015 was a landmark year for Russian cynology: the best dog in the world, the winner of the Best in Show at the World Championships in Milan was a Russian dog (bearded collie OPS I DID IT AGAIN DEL CUORE IMPAVIDO, owner O. Klimova); a dog from Russia won for the first time at the most prestigious UK show Crufts Dog Show (scotch terrier MCVAN'S TO RUSSIWITH LOVE, owner Henkina M.); another our dog became the fourth prize-winner of the BIS competition at the European Championship (Afghan hound AMAL SALAND COEUR D'COEURS, owner Shirokov D.); for the first time in Russia there was a world championship in dog sports under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports - a world championship in track work, at which the Russian national team (RKF) became vice-champion; a sports couple from Russia won the bronze medal at the World Obedience Championship in the individual competition (Galina Fedorova and the WONDER WESTSPASY border collie);the Russian national team (RKF) took 3rd place at the first world championship in Mondioring; the Russian national team (RKF) took 2nd place at the World Agility Championship in the discipline "jumping-mini" and others.

The sponsors of the exhibition of dogs of all breeds "Russia-2015", which was attended by more than 50,000 people, were such brands as: Royal Canin, Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Monge, Brit, Pedigree. Also, the winners of various competitions received small pleasant gifts from the information partners of the exhibition: the magazine "DRUG for dog lovers" and the TV channel "Zoo TV".

photo - Alexandra Morrison

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