Gift For Four-legged Friends From Tumi

Gift For Four-legged Friends From Tumi
Gift For Four-legged Friends From Tumi
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For sophisticated voyagers - owners of lovely pets - TUMI (Tumi) launches a collection of accessories together with the German company Cloud7 (Cloud # 7). As always, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, with an emphasis on design and minimizing stress during flights for your loyal pets.

“Many fans of the brand are convinced that their animals are full family members who deserve to travel in comfort,” comments Alan Kranzler (Vice President of TUMI). “There is a shortage of quality premium pet products on the market today, so we decided to create the best.”

The inspiration for the creation of 4 items of the collection (airplane bag, 2 types of carpet bags and bowls), the designers drew from the AlphBravo collection (Alfa Bravo). Durable, water-repellent material with a noble cloth texture and graphite tone, complemented by a chocolate-colored leather finish.

During the flight, according to the recommendations of the airlines, your naughty pet should be in a special bag. TUMI has created an ideal option for travel: the bag of the optimal size can fit under the seat of your chair; the spacious interior with a cover that is easy to clean boasts a delicate woolen bottom with a pillow (removable structure made of hypoallergenic material); "Windows" are located at the top and side; the leash (it can function as a shoulder strap) is hidden in a side pocket, and a business card is hidden in the luggage tag for writing your contacts. In addition, the bag can increase in length by 15 cm (36%).

Rug bags are an unusual design. The bag, familiar in its shape, is actually a rectangular rug with a woolen pile. You can take your beloved dog with you, for example, to a cafe or other public place. The animal is guided by smell, therefore, having spread its bag, it will be in its comfortable zone. Convenient Velcro straps help to quickly transform the bag into a carpet and vice versa.

Dinner is served! Stylish, practical, compact bowls will help to feed and water your pet on the way. Thanks to the zipper, the round tube turns into 2 bowls for water and food.

Such a collection could not have been created without a sincere love for animals. The synergy of the two brands has presented the owners with a reliable, functional product that will lift four-legged creatures to seventh heaven with happiness.

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