House Lancel Held A Party For The Stars And Their Dogs

House Lancel Held A Party For The Stars And Their Dogs
House Lancel Held A Party For The Stars And Their Dogs

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On December 14th House Lancel held a Christmas cocktail party for boutique customers, stars and their dogs: Christmas Galde lTruffe. The party was attended by Andrey Malakhov, Natalya Goldenberg, Anfisa Chekhova and Svetlana Svetikova with their Chihuahuas, Svetlana Konegen and Anastasia Menshikova with Yorkshire Terriers and Mitya Fomin with a Cocker Spaniel.

Lancel boutique in Nautilus hosted a light buffet for guests and their pets (a special Dog Bar was organized for dogs) in a festive Christmas style. In an atmosphere of French lightness and Parisian charm, Lancel surprised all guests with its surprises and gifts.

As part of the event, a charity lottery was held, organized by the House of Lancel and the "Ageeva stables" foundation. All funds raised during the evening will be donated to one of the Moscow veterinary clinics for vaccination of stray dogs. It is no coincidence that the main prize of the lottery was Brigitte Bardot's Lancel bag. After all, it was the image of the actress, known for her dedication to the protection of animals, that became the source of inspiration for the creation of this bag. In the manufacture of Brigitte Bardot's bag, nature and animals are not harmed, natural leather, chemical tannins and dyes are not used.

Throughout the evening, surprises and gifts awaited the four-legged guests of Lancel - at the entrance to the store they were greeted by representatives of the salon "Milord", who prepared the dogs for the next fashion show and competition for the best costume - Truffe d'or awards.

The winners of the competition were Tiffany - Chihuahua Anfisa Chekhova, Pet - White Terrier Anastasia Pyatina (Editor - in - Chief of Cosmo Shopping magazine) and Kisa - Yorkshire Terrier of Lancel boutique client Svetlana Zelenkova. The Audience Choice Award went to Slive, the cocker spaniel Mitya Fomin. The winners of the competition received prizes from the House of Lancel - a convenient bag for carrying dogs and collars of different sizes and colors.

The guests of the evening, who have not yet brought pets, had the opportunity to get acquainted with a rare breed of dog in Russia - the American Akito. Two adorable Akito puppies from an elite kennel could not but bring a smile to the guests of the event.

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