The Second Generation Of TAG Heuer LINK Smartphones

The Second Generation Of TAG Heuer LINK Smartphones
The Second Generation Of TAG Heuer LINK Smartphones
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TAG Heuer has unveiled a new version of the TAG Heuer LINK smartphone. The Manufacture Collection's consists of four series and is part of the second generation of TAG Heuer LINK mobile phones. The Classic Collection is distinguished by its elegance and understated design. The limited edition Deep Blue recalls the legendary TAG Heuer chronographs. The Racing Carbon series with high-tech materials reflects the brand's commitment to motorsport. The Exclusive Collection adds an element of luxury to the sophisticated simplicity so characteristic of Swiss production.

The TAG Heuer LINK development team works closely with the watchmaking department - TAG Heuer's “central nervous system”, both a keeper of tradition and a source of innovation. Engineers inform each other about advanced technologies in production, processing and material combination. This collaboration is reflected in the outer details: the mechanical crown on the left side of the TAG Heuer LINK smartphone resembles the crown of the legendary Grand Carrera chronograph, while the side screws holding the shock-resistant stainless steel case are analogous to those of the iconic Aquaracer chronograph.

The Classic Collection takes us back to the power of simplicity. The name of one of the models in the series - Sellier (French for “saddler”) - refers us to the European tradition of skillful processing of leather, from which horse riding accessories were made. The satin-brushed stainless steel case in the center and mirror-polished on the sides contrasts with the classic brown calfskin battery cover, slightly inflated and stitched in keeping with tradition.

The Classic Elegance has an even more laconic design: a fully polished stainless steel case with a black calfskin rear with a smooth glossy finish. The large 3.5-inch display is framed by side bezels coated in a high-gloss black lacquer, which is also used for the TAG Heuer shield-adorned side cover.

The limited edition Deep Blue is in many ways reminiscent of the legendary Monaco Caliber 12 chronograph, which became a classic immediately after the appearance in 1969 on the hand of Steve McQueen; It features a square steel case with a sophisticated electric blue dial and a navy blue alligator leather strap. TAG Heuer LINK Deep Blue Limited Edition has a striated pattern engraved on the polished sandblasted side panels. The side panels are secured by screws in bright blue, which follow the design of the mounting screws in TAG Heuer movements; The battery cover is finished in alligator leather in the same blue color as the TAG Heuer logo on the front.

The TAG Heuer LINK Deep Blue series of smartphones is reminiscent of the design of the Monaco V4, released for the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer. The limited edition Deep Blue is limited to 150 pieces and each model is individually numbered on the case back to remind of its value.

In the Racing Carbon series, the emphasis is on TAG Heuer's commitment to motorsport. What makes the series so unique is the high-tech carbon fiber used in the best sports cars. It frames the touchscreen, and is also printed on the battery cover and the back of the camera. The body of the smartphone is made of 316L stainless steel with the same black PVD coating.

In the Racing Carbon series, black contrasts with high-gloss; Stainless steel parts such as the screws along the parallel lines of red stitching on the black alligator leather are soft-touch, reminiscent of the best rubber in a race car.

The Exclusive Collection uses the finest materials: Argentine lizard skin, Top Wesselton diamonds (2.53K) and mother of pearl. The craftsmanship of the craftsmen can be traced in every detail - snow-white or made in smoky colors - from the interior design developed at the highest technical level to the external decoration. The fully polished stainless steel case is set with 1,007 diamonds: 770 on the sides, 185 on the battery cover, 19 on the side crown and 33 on the TAG Heuer shield.

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