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Summer novelty from Christian Dior: exquisite collection of Haute couture mobile phones. Created in collaboration with the Fashion House design studio, and developed in conjunction with ModeLabs, the phones are hand-assembled in France.

The design of the Dior ultra-thin flip phone case carries perfect and elegant stylistic solutions in full accordance with the brand values: from the distinctive “cannage” pattern, which is typical for Dior furniture in the spirit of Louis XVI furniture, to the “star”, a symbol of luck engraved on the navigation button of the phone. as well as exclusive melodies and animated screensavers on the home screen that convey the unique style of the Dior Haute Couture studio.

The first Dior Phone collection - "Sapphire crystal collection", consisted of five models decorated with sapphire crystal combined with brushed steel. The five signature Dior colors suit every mood, time of day, situation or outfit: Black, Snow White, Mirror Gray, Dazzling Red and Happy Pink.

Today, in addition to the collection, decorated with sapphire glass, there are models in mother-of-pearl: the phone case is inlaid with a mosaic of 31 plates of black mother-of-pearl, supplied exclusively for the House of Dior from the lagoons in Tahiti, where black pearls are mined. Mother-of-pearl covers the front of the phone, hinge sides, 8 plates decorate the navigation button. PVD covers the stainless steel of the phone body: hinge, back cover and display bezel, providing an extra smooth surface and a pleasant touch to the accessory. My Dior in this series is also decorated with black mother-of-pearl and is equipped with a tinted mirror screen.

The white mother-of-pearl used for the Dior Phone décor comes from a tiny island located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This material, as a reflection of femininity and style, puts the phone on a par with jewelry. Mosaic made of 31 cannage-framed mother-of-pearl panels on hand-polished stainless steel case, engraved with the Dior logo. The navigation button is decorated with eight mother-of-pearl plates. My Dior in this version is decorated with three plates of white mother-of-pearl and is also equipped with a mirrored screen.

Телефон из черной керамики с PVD покрытием черного цвета представляет наиболее высокотехнологичное и продвинутое сочетание материалов. PVD обеспечивает устойчивость нержавеющей стали к внешним воздействиям и делает матовой мозаику из 31 глянцевой керамической пластины. Сам Кристиан Диор всегда повторял, что из всех цветов именно черный – самый практичный и элегантный. Новая модель, благодаря PVD покрытию, имеет насыщенный черный цвет.

Dior - became the world's first haute couture mobile phone designed specifically for women, as well as the first phone that can work in tandem with another device - My Dior. My Dior is the world's smallest mobile device. Its dimensions are 70 mm x 2.7 mm x 10 mm. Its weight: 25 grams - lighter than a Dior lipstick. The device fits perfectly in a woman's hand. Its functionality is based on ease of management, making it possible to operate with the functions of the first necessity. It makes outgoing and receives incoming calls, remembers up to 10 numbers, displays the time and opens the address book. By connecting to a Dior phone via Bluetooth®, My Dior can be 15 meters away. Its detachable ring easily attaches to your purse.

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