TAG Heuer Exclusive Mobile Phone Collection MERIDIIST

TAG Heuer Exclusive Mobile Phone Collection MERIDIIST
TAG Heuer Exclusive Mobile Phone Collection MERIDIIST
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MERIDIIST continues its journey around the globe with seven new models dedicated to the most amazing cities in the world.

Seven cities, seven different styles - from New York to Shanghai. The new collection reflects the philosophy of the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST brand, created for the true cosmopolitan who travels the world and crosses meridian beyond meridian.

Just as cities differ from each other, their architecture, culture, traditions and energy, so each MERIDIIST model has its own unique features and features, expressed in the combination of materials, color combinations and finishes.

All models in the exclusive collection are equipped with a GMT function, which allows you to navigate in two time zones, taking into account the average time of the Greenwich meridian passing through the UK.

The right side of each model of the exclusive series is engraved with "Special Edition", "GMT", as well as the name of one of the seven cities in the collection.

Unique cities, unique styles

All materials - both animal skins and exotic reptile skins used in the creation of MERIDIIST Exclusive Edition, were purchased in accordance with the strictest industry standards from specialized farms.

Black Scottish calfskin with a glossy coating; American (Mississippi) alligator skin in beige and gray; Nile monitor lizard (Varanus Niloticus) in red and green; as well as tegu lizards (Argentinean Tupinambis Rufescens) in blue and burgundy. The best materials from all over the world have been collected in the MERIDIIST collection to represent the most beautiful cities in the world.

GMT: London. London is not only a city through which the prime meridian passes, which is the basis for all world time clocks, it is, above all, the largest business and cultural center of Great Britain. The MERIDIIST model in 316L stainless steel with gray alligator skin is dedicated to one of the most fantastic skyscrapers in the world - The Gherkin, whose shape resembles a flying bullet.

GMT +1: Paris. The exquisite combination of polished 316L stainless steel and burgundy tegu lizard leather on the case is reminiscent of the noble red wine of the Burgundy province, one of the most captivating regions in France, renowned for its wine-making and gastronomic traditions.

GMT +3: Moscow. This model is housed in a black PVD coated 316L stainless steel case. And the contrasting leather trim of a red lizard, which is a symbol of strength and power, gives rise to associations with the political center of Moscow - the Kremlin.

GMT +4: Dubai. A city born out of a dream and existing on the verge of reality and fantasy. The region's beige alligator skin is reminiscent of the region's mesmerizing and mysterious desert, while the 316L stainless steel case mimics the breathtaking architecture of Dubai set on endless sandy expanses.

GMT +5: 30: New Delhi. The deep emerald green lizard leather in this model is reminiscent of the majestic palaces and untold treasures of India. Green is a mystical color in India and is associated with prosperity, fertility and harmony.

GMT +8: Shanghai. The name of this city, which means “upper reaches of the sea”, inspired designers to choose tegu leather in navy blue. Shanghai surprisingly combines the sensuality of the East and the energy of a modern metropolis, it is incomprehensible, like the mysterious depths of the ocean.

GMT -5: New York. As soon as the city plunges into darkness, the real nightlife awakens in Manhattan, the symbol of which on the MERIDIIST phone is the black calfskin finish, and the shiny dust applied on it is like the reflections of the setting sun in the reflections of the glass and metal of New York skyscrapers.

The TAG Heuer MERIDIIST Exclusive Edition will be available on pre-order from May 2011 at TAG Heuer boutiques.

TAG Heuer boutique:

Moscow: st. Tverskaya, house 19a

Tel.: +7 (495) 699-38-39

St. Petersburg: Nevsky prospect, house 15, Talion Club

Tel.: +7 (812) 458-85-88

Moscow: TSUM, st. Petrovka, house 2

Tel.: +7 (495) 223-00-11

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