Clothes + Music = Zip: Jacket-gadget Volume Controller

Clothes + Music = Zip: Jacket-gadget Volume Controller
Clothes + Music = Zip: Jacket-gadget Volume Controller
Video: Clothes + Music = Zip: Jacket-gadget Volume Controller
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For most of us, music has become an integral part of everyday life: on the way to and from work; during your morning jog or lunch; in a car, minibus or metro - thanks to your favorite songs, time flies unnoticed. But every time you take a player or phone out of your pocket to switch a track or change the volume, it can be somewhat inconvenient. Jennifer Darmour aka Electricfoxy's new interactive Zip jacket is designed to solve the problem of music lovers.

No matter what your rhythm is, clothes and music are now inseparable. Like the Ping vest (another Electricfoxy project we wrote about earlier), Zip allows you to control your music gadgets using movements. The principle is simple: to turn up the volume on your favorite song, you need to pull the zipper up. The main thing is not to do it too harshly: take care of your eardrums. Conversely, a downward movement of the clasp adjusts the volume in the opposite direction. The lanyard is also "interactive": by pulling it, you hide the built-in headphones.

In addition to its unique properties, Zip has a stylish "urban" look. The jacket is elongated at the back and equipped with folds, which fulfill not only an aesthetic, but also a technical function, as they are made of special conductive threads. Instead of hiding the "hardware" out of sight, Electricfoxy turns it into a design element. In addition, the jacket can be washed without fear of harming its special characteristics.

“Clothing is the basis of self-expression,” explains Darmur. "After all, it demonstrates not only our tastes, but also the context in which we live." Through his projects, the designer offers a new platform for communication and expression.

Zip is currently limited to volume control only. But this is just the beginning. Music and clothing has a bright future: Electricfoxy has announced the next version of the jacket, which will allow you to rewind tracks, pause a song, and even switch playlists. The zipper will still be the main controller. The project is already under development.

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