Resale Luxury Handbags Buying Guide: What You Need To Know To Avoid Losing Money

Resale Luxury Handbags Buying Guide: What You Need To Know To Avoid Losing Money
Resale Luxury Handbags Buying Guide: What You Need To Know To Avoid Losing Money
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Of course, not every woman can afford to buy a new high-quality original of a Chanel, Hermes or Louis Vuitton bag. And this is not always necessary. The secondary market offers a much wider range of well-known branded items.

Buy a famous clutch, released two years ago? Where else if not in an elite consignment shop? In the secondary market, savings compared to the price of a boutique can reach 50-90%. At the same time, you get the item in excellent condition, sometimes in the same status as it was originally. A beautiful unworn bag can be completely without any marks of wear. This is the main advantage of a second-hand product over a new one. Moreover, sometimes, buying such an exclusive, you can only win! Over the years, the bag may turn out to be in demand among fashionistas, which means, on the contrary, will increase in price.

But the main question arises: where to get a high-quality bag and not fall into the hands of scammers?

You can buy the desired item through professional resources - marketplaces, commissions. Or from a private person - for example, through ads on Avito, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Internet platforms and advertisements attract with a wide selection of luxury accessories and bags, convince with the quality and reliability of the presented lots. But here their dangers may await. Firstly, fakes are increasingly difficult to distinguish from the original, even for an industry professional: fakes are made at a high level. At the same time, at the current level of development in Russia, it is difficult to talk about experts in this area - those who would understand brands thoroughly, namely, in all models ever released.

Choosing a store or online platform to buy a treasured bag is a crucial moment. Monitoring ratings, reviews and the number of likes will help here. Also try to find out the opinion in personal correspondence from the members of the corresponding group / public in social networks.

When buying on a professional resource, please note that guaranteed support is provided. If the item after verification turns out to be unoriginal, then we can talk about a refund. Therefore, buying a bag on professional resources, you risk less.

It is good to choose a platform where goods are subject to mandatory authentication before being sold. For example, such a service is provided by Bag Collector.

In Bag Сollector every item is checked for originality. If desired, an international certificate is issued or the bag is scanned with a special Entrupy device, which gives a financial guarantee of the return of your funds, if suddenly something is wrong with the goods. This is not provided by any authentication service.

Also, Bag Сollector provides a buyback service, i.e. if a thing is purchased, then within six months you can sell it back. The conditions are discussed additionally - the state and other parameters are evaluated. A discount of 25% or more is provided.

If you decide to purchase a bag from a private person, then ask the seller for a photo of the product from different angles. And then check the product - for example, in the authentication group (Authentic group on Facebook) or on another reliable resource.

Be sure to study reviews, reputation, seller ratings and try to find out the personal opinion of buyers. But a trusted seller of handbags is best found through acquaintances and recommendations.

We also advise you to pay upon receipt of the goods. Do not hope that cash on delivery will be a reliable method of providing a service. Do not transfer money to the seller by bank cards in advance. Fraudulent schemes are widespread when a fraudster publishes a photo of a bag with a huge discount, and during correspondence informs that the bag is the last one, and it is better to make an advance payment in order to book the desired item.

It is not uncommon for girls to spend two salaries each on fake Birkin, Chanel, etc., buying them from unscrupulous private owners. Having received a fake, they could not return the money.

Do not purchase a bag without confirming its originality. Basically, this service is paid - from 600 to 2000 rubles, but it justifies itself. It's better than spending money on a fake and taking risks.

When receiving a thing from a private person, we advise you not to hesitate to film the unpacking of the goods on video. Check all the details thoroughly: material, receipt and unique signs. In this case, it is better to personally study the features of the purchased bag in advance - for example, seams, serial number, rivets and locks. If you notice that the item looked different when placing your order, please provide footage as proof.

Of course, an original branded item with a quality guarantee can also be purchased "hand-held", but in order to reduce the risks, we recommend that you contact professional resources and communities where the service of checking the bag for authenticity should be provided, goods or money can be returned in case of customer claims.

Subject to such simple rules, the coveted bag after purchase will bring only joy.

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