Foot Fetishists: Foot Hunters

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Foot Fetishists: Foot Hunters
Foot Fetishists: Foot Hunters
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Open knees, deep neckline … We are used to the fact that these are the best "lure" for men's looks. But some objects of male interest are literally below the baseboard. It is there that the views of foot-fetishists (foot-fetish - sexual attraction to the feet) wander. Bare heels, bare toes drive them crazy more powerful than other exciting female parts of the body. And such unique ones are more common than you might think.


The Internet is replete with ads of hunters to other people's limbs: “I love kissing and licking women's legs and toes. Write to me”,“I'm ready to lick your shoes”,“I am looking for tiny, tender, warm feet without a strong smell”,“A young man who is fond of foot-fetish will meet a girl who is ready to provide her feet for free”.

I became interested in lovers of female legs after the next incident. Returning late from the guests, I caught a "private trader". A handsome young guy was driving. We drove literally ten meters, and suddenly he made me an obscene proposal: “Girl, you don’t think anything like that. I will not take money from you and am ready to pay myself … Allow me to kiss your toes …”I screamed and almost flew out of the car like a bullet as I walked. Having calmed down, I decided to talk directly with the fan of female legs and understand what that strange driver had in mind. I typed the query into a search engine and immediately came across an ad: “I want to lick and kiss women's feet, but I can’t find a partner. Help!" Exhaling, she dialed the phone number and heard a pleasant voice. The guy introduced himself as Michael and,Hoping to taste my legs in the very near future, he agreed to bring me up to date.

The scent of a woman

According to Mikhail, the smell of the legs plays a very important role. Only a third of all foot fetishists prefer to “feast on” cleanly washed feet, and 70% consider “spicy” to be a delicacy. They like it if, before the meeting, a girl “marinates” her legs in synthetic socks or while jogging so that they sweat harder.

- Only natural foot odor and no perfume! - said Mikhail excitedly. - You can decorate your legs with rings, tie them up with colored ribbons, and paint your nails with bright varnish and decorate with rhinestones.

“I will sit on the floor in front of you and start with a light massage,” my interlocutor continued dreamily. - Then you remember my face with your feet, and I will lick them like ice cream.

Before the meeting, Mikhail advised me to stretch my fingers to make them more flexible: roll the pencil, collect small objects from the floor, using only my toes. Foot fetishists just go crazy when a girl caresses them exclusively with her feet or massaging her toes.

- Orgasm from sex with legs comes very quickly and intoxicates more than champagne! - said Mikhail. - I have an acquaintance, so he is still a virgin. For him, there is no other sex except with legs. He sleeps at the feet of his girlfriend, like a faithful dog!

By the way, the biggest problem for a foot fetishist is finding an understanding girlfriend for a long period of time.

“Women are ashamed of their legs and do not allow me to caress them the way I want, believing that this is a perversion and abomination,” complains Mikhail. - I have to find partners for money, but it's hard to have fun with them, because you can see that they endure and wait for me to finish. I would not like to disgust the girls. There is nothing unnatural in these caresses. Although some are willing to do anything for a foot fetish. An acquaintance of mine made an announcement: "I am ready to become a eunuch and a castrate to lick the legs of the singer Slava." This is too much, but I do not blame him, I understand how difficult it is to deal with such a desire.

How to identify a foot fetishist?

A man's special love for legs can be guessed at by his persistent requests. He will always offer you a foot massage. He will be happy to go shopping with you in a shoe store and he will personally dress you in shoes and sandals until he goes through the entire assortment.

He will tirelessly admire your foot size - usually foot fetishists are into extremes, that is, they prefer 35 or 42 foot sizes. He will immediately name several dozen types of female feet.

Famous foot fetishists

Uma Thurman's secret of success

Director Quentin Tarantino has a passion for large female feet and finds them very sexy. According to rumors, this is why Uma Thurman became his muse. Seeing her size 42 feet, Tarantino immediately fell in love and offered her the role of Mia Wallace in the acclaimed film Pulp Fiction.

1: 0 in favor of the fingers

It turns out that the ex-husband of the sultry beauty Pamela Anderson, musician Tommy Lee, is a fan of the female foot, and not at all a huge breast. Once he admitted that he adores women's fingers and loves to spend time in shoe stores, where he watches women try on shoes and sandals. “Do you think the first thing I do is staring at a beauty's breasts? Not at all. I'm heading straight down to her toes,”said the rogue rocker.

You can be an efficient person and think about the beauty of … legs

The sun of Russian poetry - Alexander Pushkin - can also be ranked among the famous foot fetishists. In his immortal works, the poet often admired the lovely legs. Especially often Pushkin sang odes to them in the novel "Eugene Onegin": "In sometimes cherished dreams / I hold a happy stirrup … / And I feel the leg in my hands; / Again the imagination is boiling, / Again her touch / Blood burned in a faded heart, / Again melancholy, again love!.."

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