Loriblu Creates A Shoe Collection Inspired By Gauguin's Paintings

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Loriblu Creates A Shoe Collection Inspired By Gauguin's Paintings
Loriblu Creates A Shoe Collection Inspired By Gauguin's Paintings
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"Art is an abstraction, extract it from nature, fantasize on its basis, and think more about the creative process than about the result."

Paul Gauguin

Leading luxury footwear brand Loriblu has chosen the theme of nature as the theme of the fall / winter 2016-2017 collection. Elegance of lines, romance, sweet dreams - such associations come to mind when you look at these beautiful bags, shoes and scarves. The new collection erases the contradiction between the beauty of nature and the bustle of modern life: Loriblu's creations - like an echo of a lost paradise - elevate us above the daily routine and concerns of the modern world.

The creation of the collection was greatly influenced by the canvases of Paul Gauguin. So, the painting "When is the wedding?" became the inspiration for a whole line of shoes. This is the most expensive work of art: in 2015, the Qatari organization Qatar Museums acquired it for $ 300 million. In search of the lost Eden, the artist went to the island of Tahiti, where he created many of his masterpieces, including "When is the wedding?" The canvas depicts two Tahitian women, completely different: one in a bright national dress, the other in a strict dress.

Inspired by Gauguin's masterpiece, Loriblu designers decided to decorate ankle boots, pumps and slip-ons with images of flowers, scarlet lips and big eyes. The artist's favorite colors (yellow, orange, purple, green) are used in the collection's models. Boots, ankle boots and shoes are made in different colors: just as foliage changes color, the shade of shoes changes according to the season. Models are decorated with fittings made of precious metals, brass, leather, Swarovski crystals. Suede boots are a true fairy tale from the enchanted forest.

Comfortable sneakers have been made more elegant with rabbit fur and stone embellishments. And the boats are a work of art. The pattern in the form of flowers and leaves gives them a special appeal. Ankle boots in pastel colors with fox fur deserve special attention.

Each pair of shoes is made in a factory in Italy using the highest quality materials. Experts select only the finest materials: velor, nappa leather, patent leather, python, rabbit and fox fur.

The fall / winter 2016-2017 collection also includes accessories: evening clutches, shopping bags and even travel bags.

The men's shoe collection is not inferior to the women's one in its originality. The designers managed to create elegant shoes for the modern charismatic man. Classic moccasins, shoes, sneakers and loafers - the collection includes models for every occasion.

About the brand: Loriblu is one of the most significant and famous names in the Italian handicraft tradition, which gained its status more than 40 years ago. The creations of Annarita Pinotti and Graziano Cuccu are the epitome of luxury, elegance and first-class Italian quality. The main line of Loriblu is women's and men's footwear; it is complemented by bags, leather accessories, scarves, glasses, belts, fragrances, hats, a wedding shoe collection and a line of men's accessories. Today the Loriblu brand is represented in all the world shopping capitals in mono-brand and multi-brand boutiques.

Loriblu in Moscow: Tel: 7 495 204 22 99

Vremena Goda Galleries, Kutuzovsky prospect, 48 | Crocus City Mall, 65-66 km MKAD | LOTTE PLAZA, Novinsky Boulevard, 8 | Kuntsevo Plaza, Yartsevskaya St., 19

Loriblu in Rostov-on-Don: Tel: 7 863 275 41 42

Gallery "Astor", Budennovsky prospect, 49/97 Online store: loriblushop.ru

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