Holland Sells "chocolate" Supercars

Holland Sells "chocolate" Supercars
Holland Sells "chocolate" Supercars
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On the eve of Catholic Christmas, not only fans of the world famous supercar, but also those with a sweet tooth gathered at the showcase of the Porsche dealership in Holland … The fact is that behind the front glass of the car shop there was a chocolate Porsche 911 CarrerS.

Thus, the Porsche dealership, with the help of the confectionery company Centrum Gelderland, decided to attract the attention of buyers by covering the luxury sports car with first-class milk chocolate.

Earlier, on the eve of Christmas and New Years, shop windows and premises of shopping centers were decorated with Christmas tree tinsel, balls, garlands, and Christmas trees were placed. But not so long ago, car dealers in England have resorted to an original way of attracting customers: as Christmas approaches, they began to wrap cars in holiday packaging, which were bought as a Christmas or New Year's gift. This non-standard solution seemed to everyone very original and even contributed to the growth of sales of "New Year" cars. And this year, Dutch marketing has "developed" an event to convert potential customers into real ones.

In Holland they sell "chocolate" supercars The quality of the car did not suffer from the "chocolate mask", as the car body was carefully covered with cling film. The creation of a unique "chocolate" sports car required: 175 kilograms of chocolate - for the body, and two more kilograms of white chocolate - for the headlights and decorative trim. To decorate the supercar they invited a first-class "chocolate maker" - an excellent food stylist of the country.

We will find out whether the Dutch dealer was helped by a unique marketing ploy after the New Year holidays. But with this "chocolate" CarrerS they will have enough trouble: they need to maintain the temperature all this time so that the supercar "retains its shape", and it is necessary to take special care of the fans of "sweet souvenirs".

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