Confectionery DessertAction In "Chocolate" 25 August

Confectionery DessertAction In "Chocolate" 25 August
Confectionery DessertAction In "Chocolate" 25 August
Video: Confectionery DessertAction In "Chocolate" 25 August
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- 5 outstanding pastry chefs

- 5 gourmet desserts

- 5 trendy restaurants

- 5 unbiased jury members

- 5 dessert dresses

Confectionery DessertAction - a competition of five pastry chefs of Moscow deluxe restaurants. In front of your eyes, within 30-40 minutes, the contestants will create one dessert masterpiece from the menu of their restaurant or one invented on their own. Desserts will be arranged on special hat bases for original presentation to invited guests and the jury. 5 female assistants will hold the final show of dessert hats. The jury will select the winner.

Participants of the competition: Mirko Kaldino restaurant-cafe "Noa"

Chef Luigi Rossi, Pastry Chef Oleg Ilyin Chocolate restaurant

Lyubov Burmistrova restaurant "Sunrise Cafe"

chef Gritti Maximiliano, pastry chef Domenico Ungari restaurant "Pinocchio"

Evgeny Seleznev "BED cafe"

Competition jury: Legendary chef David Desso

Actress Alena Khmelnitskaya

Restaurant critic Sergey Chernov

Deputy Director of the Center for Public Communication and Information, Head of the International Press Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Alexander Shkirando

Ilya Yakushin, the host of the “Culinary and I” section of the TVC.

Also in the program of the evening: Girls-fruits, girls-bouquets-body art from "Avenscena"

A unique collection of dessert dresses that will last for one evening, created specifically for this event from mint, candied fruits, marshmallows, marmalade from designer Veronica Lazareva

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