How To Choose The Right Watch?

How To Choose The Right Watch?
How To Choose The Right Watch?
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If you are interested in choosing high quality, reliable and stylish wristwatches, then you can easily get confused in the current variety of formats, manufacturers and design solutions. Classics or sports? Mechanics or Quartz? Switzerland or Japan? It's really easy to make a mistake. However, we know a few simple rules, guided by which, you will present yourself with a really worthy accessory.

Decide on the style

From time immemorial, wristwatches have played the role of a stylish accessory, without which a masculine image of a gentleman and gentle grace of a lady are impossible. That is why you should select watches from those manufacturers who pay attention to design issues as much as other aspects. The modern wristwatch market is represented by several styles:

  • Timeless classic. Such accessories are made with an eye to the concept of minimalism. Absolutely simple laconic details and the complete absence of pretentious elements perfectly emphasize the developed sense of taste of the owner
  • Casual casual style. This watch is perfect for people living in the rhythm of a modern metropolis. Optimal dimensions, comfortable fit and durable materials. The casual accessory is fully adapted for comfort, wherever you are and whatever you are wearing
  • Fashion watches in the Fashion line are renowned for bright colors, bold design elements and are often adorned with Swarovski crystals and other stylish details. Such watches are perfect for fashionistas who know the value of their beauty.
  • Sports watches have the widest possible functionality. Heart rate monitors, sensors and additional chronographs will help athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Such watches are characterized by complete water resistance and other protective properties.
  • The premium class speaks for itself. The high cost is justified by the use of elite materials and mechanisms. A premium watch is more than just a time display. This is an indicator of status and wealth.

Before buying, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the representatives of the listed groups and choose your style in advance. The extensive catalog of the store will help you with this.

Mechanisms and internal structure

The technical part is another important selection criterion, because the mechanism is the real "Heart" of the watch, on which the full operation of the accessory and its durability depend.

The real classics are mechanical drives, which are mainly used in watches from Swiss manufacturers. Precision mechanisms are manually adjusted by experienced craftsmen to delight the user with many years of trouble-free operation. It is such a watch that you will pass on to your descendants through generations.

Quartz movements differ from mechanics by the presence of an energy element, which makes the arrows move. Quartz watches are produced mainly by Japanese and Chinese brands, but at the moment they have reached the required level of reliability. Although they are still very far from the Swiss centenarians.

Choosing a brand and store

Legends about Swiss watches are not in vain. After all, it is here that the real standards of fashion and reliability are born. The only thing that can scare you away from buying is that most of the models belong to the premium segment.

Brands such as Oris, TAG, Zenith and some others are often handcrafted using precious metals and other elite solutions.

However, do not despair, because the watches produced under the brands Adriatica, Tissot and Wenger inherited the centuries-old traditions of watch quality from their older comrades, however, they received quite average prices that are affordable for any admirer of good watches. You can purchase such accessories if you decide to visit a Swiss watch store in Moscow.

You may also like watches from Asian, American or other European manufacturers. In mechanical models, they are much weaker than Switzerland, but many quartz watches from Casio, Fossil, Romanson, Police and many others deserve attention. Also, these manufacturers are a little less restrained in styles: their assortment includes models of the most daring design decisions, as well as sports and professional watches.

It is very important to pay attention to the place of purchase of your future watch. Do not think that you have found a real Swiss watch store in an underground passage: such outlets often sell fakes or models of dubious quality from unknown manufacturers. Your choice should be only certified salons that sell original accessories and provide a guarantee on them.

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