New Items From Alena Akhmadullina For Intel

New Items From Alena Akhmadullina For Intel
New Items From Alena Akhmadullina For Intel
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On October 29, at Volvo Fashion Week in Moscow, Alena Akhmadullina will present her new collection (which we will tell you later). As part of the show, the designer will showcase a case for innovative Ultrabook ™ gadgets that combine the performance of Intel® Core ™ processors with a sleek and attractive design.

Inspired by the line of Ultrabook ™ devices based on Intel® Core ™ processors, Alena Akhmadullina becomes the first Russian designer to develop the concept of covers for a new class of gadgets. They are made in the spirit of the spring-summer 2013 collection, based on the Russian fairy tale "The Frog Princess" and its international counterparts.

AlenAkhmadullinfor Intel cases have fantastic flowers and intricate patterns; fairy symbols - crowns, arrows, tree stumps, water lilies, cranberries, plants of the fairy forest - are intertwined with strings of computer symbols, ones and zeros of the binary code. “We tried to combine the theme of our collection with the degree of innovation and high technology that Intel carries,” Alena Akhmadullina comments on her work.

The advanced Moscow public already had a chance to get acquainted with the sketches of the first Ultrabook ™ cases on October 11 during the Intel Insights talk show at the Time Out Bar (unfortunately, I did not get there due to my busy schedule). The next opportunity to see unique designer accessories made from fabrics produced in Milan will be on October 29 at Gostiny Dvor as part of Volvo Fashion Week. Before the show, guests will be able to try ultrabooks-transformers in action and get a close look at the designer's work. After the show, AlenAkhmadullinfor Intel cases will be released in a limited edition in three sizes. Also, designer prints will be carried over to the cases for the first Intel-based Megafon Mint smartphone. The capsule collection of covers will go on sale in January 2013.

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