"Clothes" For Gadgets - New Items

"Clothes" For Gadgets - New Items
"Clothes" For Gadgets - New Items

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

New technologies require new design solutions, so a small overview of "clothes" for our favorite gadgets from famous couturiers.

For contrast, Oscar de la Renta suggests putting a black iPad in a yellow leather case (with a magnetic fastener, which is not safe for technology, by the way) - this pleasure will cost $ 290 (look at Oscardelarenta.com).

Marc Jacobs, in the Marc by Marc Jacobs line of accessories, releases a ladies' version of the kiss-strewn laptop sleeve - $ 80 at Net-a-Porter.com. Valextr orange handbag is designed specifically for a netbook, but this bright accessory will cost much more than the cost of the gadget itself - $ 3530.

Barneys' M-Edge iPad cover costs hundreds of times less - $ 50 - and deserves much more attention because of its convenience, based on a typical calculator cover. The Cork brand did the same, and its accessory is even more affordable - only $ 27.

In the meantime, I finally decided to try to buy something in the KupiVIP club, which I have been a member of for a long time, but I still could not find anything that would attract attention. So I'm waiting for delivery - I bought accessories from the profile brand G-Cube: an envelope for the Hope netbook and stickers on the covers of both laptops (by the way, a very useful thing - it not only allows you to "fit" the look of the netbook to your style, but also protects it from scratches).

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