Opening Of The Exhibition “Ingo Maurer. Cult Of Light "

Opening Of The Exhibition “Ingo Maurer. Cult Of Light "
Opening Of The Exhibition “Ingo Maurer. Cult Of Light "
Video: Opening Of The Exhibition “Ingo Maurer. Cult Of Light "
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On October 26, 2010, with the support of AD magazine, the main design event of this year took place in the exhibition space of the Perlov Desing Center - the opening of the exhibition “Ingo Maurer. The Cult of Light ".

Ingo Maurer is a truly unique figure in the design world. For more than forty years, he has been exclusively engaged in light. Moreover, independently, being a designer and a manufacturer in one person. He creates not just lamps, they would rather be called "light sculptures". They cannot be divided into their constituent parts: base, lampshade, light source. They always represent an indivisible whole - like real works of art. Maurer does not strive for stylistic unity, which can be seen in the genre of street lamps, on the contrary, he is proud that he never repeats himself. The choice of images, as well as materials and technologies for their implementation, is limited only by curiosity.

"All architects know that without light their work does not seem to exist - it" disappears ", and that lighting can destroy the interior or create it literally out of nothing. Correct light is the basis of a competent interior. And designer light is its main decoration. And Ingo Maurer - the main lighting designer of the twentieth century.A living classic of modern design, he influenced his contemporaries and followers not only literally (the greatest masters of lighting design call him their teacher), but also subconsciously, probably, no designer in the field of light is copied as often as Maurer. The more valuable for the public is the opportunity to see the original works of the great man. Naturally, AD could not stay away from such an event! " - says the editor-in-chief of AD Evgeniya Mikulina.

As part of his visit to St. Petersburg, the maestro took part in the opening ceremony and willingly talked to journalists. The also recognized "guru of modern lighting design" completely conquered the student audience of designers and architects during a joint open meeting.

The Perlov Desing Center showcased over 50 pieces by the renowned European designer, from legendary design icons such as the Bulb (1966 "light bulb") and YaYaHo systems (1984), to the most modern creations such as Jetzt (2009) and the limited edition 2010 Bang Boom Zettel'z. The unique installation, created by Maur and his team, literally transformed the brick walls of the Gallery and filled the space with the magic of light, which, according to Maurer, is a source of magical transforming energy.

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