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August AD Announcement
August AD Announcement
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What does the apartment of Tsar Leonidas look like, or rather, Gerard Butler, who played him; how to immerse a house in fog without fog, to combine a bedroom with a living room, bathroom and study, and how much does a collection of houses in Morocco cost - all this tells the August issue of AD.

Spartan life

Four-meter mahogany doors. In the hall, on the ceiling, there is an inscription “Rape of Ganymede”. Plaster walls broken by time. Massive columns with capitals. Crystal chandeliers casting trembling shadows. What is this - a medieval castle? Not at all. Scottish film actor Gerard Butler, aka Tsar Leonidas of The Three Hundred Spartans, showed AD his loft in the heart of New York's Chelsea borough - spectacular and romantic, like the scenery for a big-budget movie. No wonder - Butler bought the loft when he was filming with Angelina Jolie in the second part of Lara Croft. The actor admits that he wanted to hang a red curtain in the cinema. "I could hardly resist."

Let the fog go

There are people in the world who collect stamps or expensive wines, and stylist Frans Anconet prefers to collect Moroccan riads. “Sometimes I sell these houses, but more often I just let my friends live there,” he explains his passion for real estate accumulation. Ancona recently acquired the eighth house in Marrakech, and decorators Alessandra Lippini and Fabrizio Bizarri decorated it with all shades of fog.

Room to maneuver

If you organize a bedroom space with imagination, you can take a bath, work and meet guests in it. Well, sleep, of course. AD editors show and explain how to combine a bedroom with a living room, bathroom and study. Houses and apartments in Brussels, Stolkholm, Hamburg, London, Cape Town and other parts of the world served as an example.

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