Architect Peter Eisenman Will Give A Master Class In Moscow

Architect Peter Eisenman Will Give A Master Class In Moscow
Architect Peter Eisenman Will Give A Master Class In Moscow
Video: Architect Peter Eisenman Will Give A Master Class In Moscow
Video: Architect Peter Eisenmann gives a master-class in Moscow 2023, February

In the framework of the 15th International Exhibition "Arch Moscow 2010", thanks to the AD / Architectural Digest magazine, an American architect of world renown, Peter Eisenman, is coming to Russia. On May 29, in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val, a meeting will take place with this founder of deconstructivism, the owner of the Golden Lion of the Venice Architecture Biennale and one of the most authoritative contemporary architects.

As the founder of the Institute for the Study of Architecture and Urban Planning, Eisenman looks with great skepticism at the experience of architects of the past and present. A great rebel of modern architecture, Peter Eisenman creates projects of grandiose daring, challenging all the classic canons of design and breaking all existing foundations. Daniel Libeskind, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Tom Main, Greg Lynn, and what else - most of the stars of today's architecture consider themselves his students.

Peter Eisenman was educated at three universities - Cornell, Columbia and Cambridge. In the latter, he became the owner of a doctoral degree, rare for architects. At the beginning of his career, Peter Eisenman was a member of the "New York Five" (together with J. Hayduk, C. Guotmey, R. Mayer and M. Graves). In 1988, with the support of Philip Johnson, he organized the textbook exhibition "Deconstructivist Architecture" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Since then, this term has taken root, and the exhibition has given a powerful impetus to the development of a new, rapidly growing movement.

"I am building only one building out of twenty that I design," says Peter Eisenman of himself. And yet he is one of the most significant architects of our time: since the 1960s, he taught so much and so wittily argued with everyone in the world on various architectural topics that his theories had a profound influence on those who actually built. Eisenman's ideas are sometimes radical to the point of rebellion. But Eisenman himself claims: "I'm not a rebel, I go with the flow. It's just that I have my own, special."

Eisenman's statements are always paradoxical and witty, he hates the idle talk and pathos that architects often suffer, and boldly criticizes his most venerable colleagues if they "powder the brains of people" and offer the public "form without content." He is an extremely lively and charming person and a passionate sports fan. Most of all in life, Eisenman appreciates the "outside view", which allows him to maintain his inner freedom and, accordingly, authority in the architectural world. And personally, it will be terribly interesting for me to hear in Moscow his "outside view" of what is happening with architecture today. Moreover, the speaker Eisenman is also great, and his speeches are always sensational, "says the editor-in-chief of the AD magazine Evgenia Mikulina.

Peter Eisenman works on large-scale projects with budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars. Among the most famous projects of Eisenman: "City of Culture" in Santiago de Compostella (consisting of an opera house, two museums, two libraries and an administrative building), Memorial to the Destroyed Jews of Europe (Berlin, Germany), Arizona Cardinals Stadium (Glendale, USA), Aronoff Center for Design and Arts (Cincinnati, USA), Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, USA), etc.

Lecture date: May 29.

The beginning of the lecture: 11:30.

Location: Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val

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