British Designer Ross Lovegrove Gave His First Lecture In Moscow

British Designer Ross Lovegrove Gave His First Lecture In Moscow
British Designer Ross Lovegrove Gave His First Lecture In Moscow
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On April 8, 2010, the Photoplay studio hosted the first lecture in Moscow by the world famous British designer Ross Lovegrove called LOVEGROVE SUPERNATURAL. This private event was held as part of the MosBuild 2010 exhibition with the support of AD magazine, the Moscow Theory and Practice project and VitrA.

For Ross Lovegrove, this is his first visit to Russia and his first acquaintance with Russian architects, designers, decorators and journalists. In a lecture format, the designer spoke about his creative philosophy, the most striking projects, sources of inspiration and immediate plans.

“In the West, not much is known about Russian designers, but even the information that we have is enough to understand that Russia has a huge potential for development in this direction,” Lovegrove notes. some interesting project in the field of transport, architectural or space design together with Russian colleagues. I hope the Lovegrove Supernatural lecture will help us start a dialogue."

Ross Lovegrove is an industrial designer who actively experiments in areas such as furniture and architecture. According to many industry leaders, his work embodies a new aesthetic of the 21st century: sensual organic design embodied in beautiful and ergonomic objects. Natural simplicity, practicality and respect for the world around them are the main principles of Ross Lovegrove's work. Coupled with unconditional talent, they brought him resounding international fame, peer recognition and admiration for modern design adherents.

"Lovegrove's work cannot be confused with anything: no matter what he does - furniture, plumbing or lamps - all his things are one hundred percent recognizable," says the editor-in-chief of AD magazine Evgenia Mikulina. "Individuality of style and incredible technical" advancement "are inherent features of his design style. But to them Lovegrove, as is typical of the British, also adds subtle humor. That is why, despite a certain radicalism of the form (Lovegrove loves everything streamlined and tear-shaped), his things fit into any interior. It is a great honor for AD to represent in Russia presentation of this brilliant master of modern design. AD is a magazine about "the most beautiful houses in the world. And in such houses you can't do without Lovegrove's things."

For all the fantasticness of his objects, Lovegrove works for people and their daily life, and not at all for museums and cinema: folding chairs are comfortable to sit on, since they take the shape of a human body, rubber-covered cameras are not afraid of rain or falls, in his house light, spacious and comfortable. The seeming insistence of things on the presence of the required space is a visual joke. In fact, they are so calculated in terms of the movement of a person and his body that they will fit on small meters of modern urban housing and will be just as comfortable in daily use as if they were located in a heritage palazzo.

His impressive client list includes leading global brands such as Sony, Airbus Industries, Kartell, Ceccotti, Cappellini, Idee, Moroso, Luceplan, Driade, Peugeot, Apple Computers, Issey Miyake, Vitra, Motorola, Biomega, LVMH, Yamagiw Corporation, Tag Heuer, Hackman, Alias, Herman Miller, Artemide, Japan Airlines and many more. Lovegrove is the recipient of numerous international awards and author of a number of publications. His works by Ross Lovegrove are exhibited in museums around the world: Museum of Modern Art (New York), Guggenheim Museum (New York), Design Museum (London), Center Pompidou (Paris) and Axis Center (Japan).

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