Architectural Golf Award Sponsored By AD Magazine

Architectural Golf Award Sponsored By AD Magazine
Architectural Golf Award Sponsored By AD Magazine
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On March 25, the BAXTER Cup by ALTAGAMMA took place, the third stage of the architectural tournament in office golf, organized by the ALTAGAMMA Design Gallery with the support of AD magazine.

The opening of the stage was personally attended by the owner of BAXTER, Paolo Bestetti. In the future, he took part in the competition outside the overall standings as part of his team.

The history of the "Architectural Golf Award" tournament began in 2007. Since then, the competition, in which leading architects and their workshops take part, has acquired the status of an annual event and one of the main events in the architectural life of the capital.

Each stage involves up to 18 teams of 4 people. With the growing popularity of the tournament, the number of players is increasing: this time 24 companies have already competed for the final of the Architectural Golf Award. Moreover, there are no professional athletes among the participants, most of them picked up a golf club for the first time.

In the third stage of the tournament, not only architects took part. The teams Kauffman, BAXTER and the team of the AD magazine, joined by the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, performed outside the standings, but with great excitement.

A particularly intense game took place on hole AD. The Jauzaproject team that showed the best results on it received a special prize from AD magazine - a trip to Sicily to the VerdurGolf and SpResort golf resort from the Rocco Forte hotel collection. The winner of the third stage was the "NA" team (56 strokes, participants: Ivan Kachalov, Ilya Makatinsky, Alexander Demin, Natalia Plekhova). Together with the winners of the previous stages of the tournament, she entered the final, during which the main prize of the III Architectural Golf Award will be drawn - a trip to New York, provided by Kauffman.

It would seem that what is common between architecture and golf? Between the art of monumental forms and dynamic sports? As the history of the tournament shows, it is not so little. Both require attentiveness, patience and certainly a keen eye. And taking into account the fact that office golf does not oblige you to travel outside the city, and to special conditions, and also gives an excellent reason for an informal meeting with friends, needless to say, with what enthusiasm the idea of ​​holding such competitions was greeted annually.

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