Allure May Issue Announcement

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Allure May Issue Announcement
Allure May Issue Announcement
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“Eyes like coals, plump lips, long hair carelessly fall over rounded shoulders - almost like Venus in a painting by Botticelli. Only the hair is not copper, but almost black, and the proportions are much more modern: slender hips, legs like a deer. Live the great Florentine now, he would definitely make her his Venus, or rather, Monica, her - Monica Bellucci.

At the Rose Petals dinner hosted in Moscow by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, I see Monica at arm's length for the first time. And for the first time I feel what neither the camera nor the magazine pages can convey - her vitality, in full swing, despite the recent divorce and the crazy schedule. Everything she does - eats, drinks, greedily puffs on her cigarette - she does with passion. The dinner, which began at almost ten in the evening, was preceded by an ebullient day: Monica attended the opening of the Dolce & Gabban cosmetic corner in TSUM, gave an interview, walked tens of meters in heels. But at the table, she vividly communicates with neighbors, whispers something hotly in Stefano Gabbana's ear, in her posture, movements, in the very air around her - not a hint of officialdom and boredom.

I am firmly convinced: the thirst for life is in each of us. And this thirst - for joy, laughter, love, pleasure - makes us more confident, more desirable and happier. And if you still haven't felt it, go to the mirror, paint your lips with bright lipstick, sprinkle your favorite scent on your neck, then breathe in the spring air deeply - and she, this thirst, will surely wake up. See? The girl in the mirror has already smiled,”says editor-in-chief Ksenia Wagner.

Black eyes

There is nothing more sensual, piercing and sexy in makeup than smoky eyes. Allure tells in detail how to draw "smoky eyes" correctly, what make-up artists think of them and why the eyes of British supermodel Kate Moss have not faded for twenty years. The instructions will help to make the perfect makeup, even for those who had a drawing class at school.

morning Star

“A girl bursts into the dressing room and shouts:“Save me! Ether in eight minutes, do something to me!"

Millions of men and women wake up to her voice. Irina Muromtseva, host of the Morning of Russia program, allowed Allure to watch her in her dressing room, dressing room and studio.

Love in my chest

“The increased attention got me drunk. I was spinning in front of the mirror and reveled in the feeling that I was beautiful, successful and could manage men."

What is a big bust - happiness or punishment? Ekaterina Flazhkova believes that lush breasts are usually given to women who are cheerful, cheerful and cheerful. She told Allure how to live, love and inspire with an eighth bust.

Agents of influence

They were born in different countries, they create in Europe and America, but they transform the whole world. So, thanks to one of the heroines of the material, American Ellie Webb, thousands of men naively believe that their friends have naturally shiny and thick hair. In an interview with Allure, four beauty gurus told us what to expect from them this year.

Summer at the start

Rush into hot days at full speed as Formula 1 drivers. Mesh dresses, short tops and skirts will help you set a fashion record.

Photo: Sebastian Kim

Style: Siobhan Bonnouvrier


Spirits and Souls

Strange scents are the easiest way to stand out. They can return to childhood, make you laugh or shock. We can only hope that in the 21st century, a perfume dress code will not be introduced in offices. But even in the case of such a futuristic nightmare, adherents of outlandish smells will find a way out. Anastasia Zavozova found out who wants to smell like chewing gum, cocaine and a funeral home and why.

Also: star faces after Photoshop; Allure correspondents are testing different types of hardware hair removal; how a happy family life strengthens the heart; how dangerous are "liquid" calories; who dictates fashion in the world of beauty; Monica Bellucci answers Allure's questions; ten things you might need in May.

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