Breakfast At Collezioni's

Breakfast At Collezioni's
Breakfast At Collezioni's
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Video: Breakfast at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection 2023, February

Collezioni magazine hosted a reception in an unusual brunch format on September 11, 2008. Taking care of the comfort of the guests, the organizers, choosing the venues for the event, stopped at the Ritz Carlton Grand Hotel.

Collezioni gathered partners and advertisers in order to tell about the changes that have taken place in the magazine in connection with the purchase by the Independent MediSanomMagazines holding of a controlling stake in ID Lux Media. Elena Myasnikova, CEO and member of the Board of Directors, shared her plans and development prospects. The magazine started a new life in the new house. Now it is included in the Independent MediSanom Magazines' own distribution system, and the publication's federal distribution has been significantly strengthened. In addition, special projects with the largest retail chains are already planned. All this will allow Collezioni to become even more attractive both for advertisers and for those who cannot imagine a new season without fashion collections.

In Сollezioni, the management team has been completely renewed. Alexander Gukasov has been appointed the new General Director. Irina Chernyak became the editor-in-chief, whose many years of experience in gloss will undoubtedly help to maintain and improve the position of Collezioni on the market.

The correct approach to the study of collections, reflection of the prevailing tendencies, understanding of how, by whom and why they are formed, from which associations certain images are born - this is the basis of the editorial policy of the journal. Collezioni is known for finding new leaders and sensations in the fashion world and being the first to talk about it. The magazine boasts easy navigation, clear structuring by trends and designers, mono-brand presentation of clothing, accessories, jewelry and watches.

A memorable moment of the presentation was the demonstration of the video clip "Everyday life of the editorial office" - a gift from World Fashion Chanel, which visited Collezioni and captured the fascinating process of creating the magazine.

A pleasant atmosphere of easy communication, exquisite food, stylish gifts from Collezioni and Ritz Carlton were a great start to the day for all guests of the reception.

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