Conde Nast Traveler Party

Conde Nast Traveler Party
Conde Nast Traveler Party
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Video: Conde Nast Traveller Party 2023, February

The Conde Nast Traveler party must have shocked the well-worn Yusupov Palace - there were so many guests that there were so many guests, candles and gas torches lit the park around, and Scottish bagpipers marched and played in the park itself.

The party itself was a bit like a trip around the world - guests who climbed the carpet were greeted by girls in Indonesian outfits - greeted with garlands of orchids, as is customary in their countries. I don’t know how many thousands of orchids graced the necks of the party guests that evening!

The very journey through the many rooms of a seemingly small palace was already like a journey and an adventure. In addition to southern girls and brave Scots, the national Russian flavor of the palace and woven carpets of the countries of the former USSR, on the first floor, for example, I found a group of Chukchi.

Everyone was waiting for the presentation for a long time - but one cannot say that they were bored at that time. However, the presentation itself was very short - the head of Conde Nast Karina Dobrotvorskaya and the editor of Traveler Alla Belyakova said just a few words and gave the stage to the jazz ensemble. The party continued …

Press release:

The luxurious halls of the Yusupov Palace celebrated the release of the Condé Nast Traveler magazine, the first issue of which has already become as indispensable for Russian travelers as a passport full of visas and a convenient suitcase on wheels.

Condé Nast Traveler doesn't just write about countries, hotels, beaches, restaurants. It is a magazine about a taste for travel and a tasteful life. On its pages, famous people share their impressions of trips, routes and addresses of places, which, as a rule, are only told to close friends. The atmosphere of the party was also conducive to friendly and informal communication. Someone gave secret addresses in New York, someone talked about farmers' markets in Tuscany, someone exchanged experience in mastering Ayurvedic programs in India, someone bragged about the number of miles on the Aeroflot card.

The party on the occasion of the launch of Condé Nast Traveler magazine in the Russian market was attended by: Irina Khakamada, Viktor Erofeev, Irina Volskaya, Konstantin Gaidai, Pavel Kaplevich, Vlad Loktev, Mikhail Druyan, Yulia Bordovskikh, Anastasia Vinokur, Nikolay Uskov, Petr Aksenov, Elena Yarmak, Gennady Iosefavichus, Vitaly Kozak, Tatiana Torchilina, Petr Fadeev, Alexandra Vertinskaya and many others.

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