Shopping Night In "Evropeyskiy"

Shopping Night In "Evropeyskiy"
Shopping Night In "Evropeyskiy"
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Video: Evropeyskiy (European) shopping mall, Moscow 2023, February

On the night of October 9-10, Cosmopolitan Shopping celebrates the magazine's fifth anniversary with a shopping night at Evropeysky. Of course, not the most democratic stores participate in it, but the promised 50% discount (only for holders of Cosmopolitan cards from Alfa-Bank, and on how many products?) Can attract customers even after midnight - and the promotion will start exactly at midnight.

Moreover, in the stores participating in the action, singers, artists and other celebrities of different fame will meet customers. Among them are Anfisa Chekhova (at Estelle Adoni and Timberland), Leysan Utyasheva (at CaterinLeman), Timur Rodriguez (at Chevignon) … The full list of stores and participants in the action can be found here.

The shops will be open to shoppers all night. All guests will receive discounts, professional stylists, makeup artists, photographers, gifts and prizes. It will be possible to win tickets to a free screening of the film at the Formula Kino Europe cinema, transform yourself with the help of MAC makeup artists, make history of the night of shopping with photographers and stylists of Cosmopolitan SHOPPING, and get advice from celebrity stylists.

From myself, I can recommend a strategy of action: come in the afternoon, walk around the mall, examine the assortment and immediately after midnight grab at a discount what you have noticed during the day. By the way, if you don’t have a Cosmopolitan card yet, I’ll make a free advertisement for Alfa-Bank - it’s worth getting one. Participation in such a promotion is an isolated case, but 5-15 percent discounts in several dozen shops, cafes and salons with this card are guaranteed to you any day. I usually don't have time for shopping, but when I need to meet someone over a cup of coffee, it's nice to get a 10% discount at Shokoladnitsa just for presenting the required card.

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