Special Fashion Issue Of "Cosmopolitan" Magazine

Special Fashion Issue Of "Cosmopolitan" Magazine
Special Fashion Issue Of "Cosmopolitan" Magazine
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On August 3, one of the most popular women's magazines, Cosmopolitan, presented its readers with a special 13th edition of the issue entitled “Cosmopolitan Style”. In fact, it is a new magazine aimed at fashionistas around the world, offering both personal style advice and photos of stars parading the red carpet in luxurious haute couture outfits.

Let's remind that the audience of the magazine is 15 million people, the overwhelming majority of whom belong to the “weaker sex”. Curiously, Cosmopolitan is publishing an additional thirteenth issue for the first time in its history. More than a million subscribers will receive the 140-sheet magazine by mail, and the rest will be able to purchase it in specialty stores for as low as $ 3.99.

In addition to tips for the upcoming fall / winter fashion season, an extensive shopping guide, home decorating tips, celebrity style secrets and little makeup tricks, this issue also features an interview with one of the world's leading designers, Giorgio Armani.

The Cosmopolitan editor explains the decision to release a special edition of fashion with the increasing interest of readers in fashion and personal style every year. As a reminder, the magazine is published by Hearst Magazines, a subsidiary of The Hearst corporation and is considered the best women's publication in the world. So, in the USA alone, sales are two million copies per issue.

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