Fashion Collection Magazine Announcement, April

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Fashion Collection Magazine Announcement, April
Fashion Collection Magazine Announcement, April
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Letter from the editor

In a white and white studio, among white and white things, shooting a white and airy fashion story for the April issue, our guest editor, designer Alexander Arngoldt, assured me that if we talk about an ideal wedding, then the bride should be dressed in her grandmother's wedding dress taken out of the chest for such an occasion …

However, with his light hand, I saw the model in a completely different way. Laconic cut, bright details plus natural styling and make-up. In the new season, no one remembers the well-known "doll" image with a "tulle" veil and a fluffy dress. Today's brides think about their own comfort, even choosing non-standard moves. For example, there is a chance to see a futuristic-looking hat only in a pair with a classic sheath dress. And if the choice fell on a Haute Couture dress, then its luxury is compensated by natural make-up. A true fashionist will always find a reason to try on something extraordinary and leave it in your wardrobe. And the wedding is one of them. The main thing is to remain yourself. But if for some reason this option does not suit you, you can turn into a “robber bride”,which then for a long time will be remembered by all your friends and others. It is only important not to forget to take with you self-irony, a couple of crazy friends and together with them come up with the craziest scenario of a trip around the world for your own wedding. And I understand this idea very well: after all, my wedding was just that …

Marina Demchenko-Stravinskaya, editor-in-chief, director of the editorial network

Guest Editor Comment

Immersion in the world of Fashion Collection brought me a special, incredible, almost cosmic pleasure. I really liked the team - young, impetuous and moderately mischievous. Alexander Arngoldt, designer

Sophistication itself

Her dresses can be seen on royalty, Hollywood stars and world famous singers. The famous Italian designer Alberta Ferretti spoke about her emotions, doubts and the perfect wedding dress

The mirror of one's heart

To touch the soul of a person, decorate his essence and emphasize individuality - these are the goals pursued by the French designer of glasses Alain Mikli when creating each collection.

Closer to the body

Lingerie style is the quintessence of femininity, which is why designers return to it from year to year. This spring is more generous than ever with dresses stylized as women's combinations, shorts that look like underwear, and tops in the form of bustier corsets.

Love rings

From time immemorial, rings have symbolized the most beautiful feeling in the world - a bond between loving hearts that can last a lifetime. This is a tribute to traditions and family values, it is engagement rings that symbolize serious intentions and a strong future family.

Tempting offer

The roots of the custom of giving a ring with a precious stone to a beloved woman are deeply rooted in history. Today, this tradition is spreading more and more widely in the world, forcing jewelers to fantasize, remaining within the strict framework of engagement jewelry design. As an original alternative, you can pay attention to a watch set with diamonds, which will adorn a woman's hand even after the wedding.

Simple rules

When preparing for the wedding, calculate everything in advance. You should not rely on luck, but on the most advanced skin and body care products, effective procedures and expert advice. Simple ways to make your skin glow at the most crucial moment in your life.

The wind of change

The capital's theaters are competing with might and main to attract the audience. Repertoires, directors, signs, interiors are changing … The new theater director Dmitry Sibirtsev and the chief conductor, world-famous musician Jan Latham-Koenig told us about the transformations that took place at Novaya Opera

Wedding March

Thousands of books and stories have been written about weddings, millions of different tips were given about what to wear rather than treating guests, where and when to hold the celebration. But despite this, the wedding is still one of the most important, vibrant and, of course, exciting events. Especially if this particular wedding is not a celebration of two people, the bride and groom, but of the whole state … Designer Alexander Arngoldt will talk about the most luxurious weddings in history.

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