New Edition For A Business Woman Forbes Woman

New Edition For A Business Woman Forbes Woman
New Edition For A Business Woman Forbes Woman
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Axel Springer has decided to focus on the audience of a business woman. On August 20, the first issue of the new edition, Forbes woman magazine, was released. The Forbes business magazine and lifestyle publication for the same audience, Forbes Style, were previously published under the Forbes brand. It is worth noting that the listed magazines over the years of release occupy leading places among the publications of this segment. Even some news agencies can envy the citation of materials.

“We conceived this project a year and a half ago, and the crisis did not interfere with it. 40% of the readership of Forbes magazine are women. But we are well aware that the female audience has special needs. Forbes Woman will write about work, fashion, family, leadership, "- this is how Regina Von Flemming, CEO of Axel Springer Russia, presented the new edition.

A clear concept and one hundred percent hitting the interests of the audience are important points that are missed by many world-famous publications. Titans like G.. or Cosm.. become more and more like an expensive advertising brochure with each release. And this means what? That the reader is "sold" not to what is really relevant, but materials paid for by loyal advertisers. And nobody is interested in the real reflection of reality, trends, if you like. And what is funny, because the topic of “relevance” of materials has already been discussed a hundred times at media conferences, and what is there in the media, at the Global Luxury Forum, this conclusion was formulated by representatives of the same glossy publications. And nothing has changed.

Returning to the new edition of Forbes woman. I hope that Axel's TOP - management will not allow itself to go down with this publication to the level of "advertising" gloss.

By the way, Irina Mikhailovskaya (ex-chief editor of Elle) became the editor. Great professional and enthusiast.

The only thing that is still unclear to me is why an advertising campaign has not been launched in support of the new magazine. Perhaps the owners decided to launch a test September "ball". We'll see. I will only say that even with a rather vague format now, the magazine will be able to finally format itself only when communicating with real readers.

The first issue of the magazine united the following headings: - News - My style - Details - Women's logic - Leadership - Problem - Opinions and many others. dr.

If you have not had time to evaluate the publication, I highly recommend it. The first issue is always interesting for its "raw" materials on the same level as professionalism !!!

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