Forbes Has Identified The 12 Best Brands Of Men's Knitwear

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Forbes Has Identified The 12 Best Brands Of Men's Knitwear
Forbes Has Identified The 12 Best Brands Of Men's Knitwear
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Recently, prominent climatologists have been talking more and more often that only two seasons - warm and cold - will soon be clearly distinguished on the territory of the European part of Russia. It is argued that the transition between them will be almost imperceptible, and yesterday's warmth and sun will turn into clouds and sleet the next day. In confirmation of the conclusions of scientists, this year the warm and mushroom Indian summer, which lasted almost until mid-October, at one point was replaced by a dank autumn.

So, for a more comfortable autumn, Forbes offers several brands represented in our country, in the collections of which you can find the best men's knitwear of this season.

Dries van noten

If in women's collections Dries Van Noten allows himself a riot of colors, then in men's, on the contrary, he is more restrained. Dries Van Noten's mens division is a wonderful classic, practical yet one that has been injected with fantasy. Cashmere and woolen items from the brand are excellent, they do not stretch and keep their shape. Very often the company uses for its models a mixture of wool and cashmere with something else - for example, with silk. The current fall collection features simple blue and gray thick knit wool sweaters, as well as thin wool cardigans with a checkered strip sewn onto the button line.

Fabrizio del carlo

Good Italian knitwear, which our stores have recently fallen in love with. Designer Fabrizio Del Carlo comes from a family that was previously engaged in the production of woolen garments, but despite the neutral look of the brand's products, he is still an experimenter and works a lot on new technologies in the production of knitwear.

Del Carlo assumes that the yarn must be matched to the shape of the product. Therefore, the company produces a very cozy cashmere - delicate and flexible. Del Carlo also experiments with blends of different types of wool and cotton, from which he makes his cardigans, sweaters and turtlenecks. The colors for this winter are pretty common: gray, blue, black. This is where the experiments end.


Another pride of Italy in the production of cashmere. Annapurn founder Aida Barney named the brand after the Himalayan mountain, home to the so-called cashmere goats. The spinning technique at the Annapurn factories is taken seriously and therefore invented a special method of twisting the threads, thanks to which the cashmere turns out to be thin but strong. It has been verified that these things can withstand even rough machine wash with dignity.

The hits of the brand are dense knit cashmere sweaters with or without collars, but Annapurn also produces wool accessories, such as scarves and hats. The latest winter collection was in different shades of gray and beige, and the new one was unexpectedly added with bright colors. For lovers of the English style a la Paul Smith, there are also characteristic "candy" colors.

Lyle & scott

A Scottish vintage brand that has recently become especially popular thanks to street fashionistas who love her and have a liking for her in spirit Fred Perry.

Lyle & Scott was founded back in 1874, and 80 years later, in 1954, made a special cashmere collection for Christian Dior. Nominally, all of the brand's products are golf apparel, in fact, they simply represent one of the variations of the typical English style: V-neck sweaters, sweaters with diamonds or stripes, and cardigans. The distinguishing mark is a golden eagle sewn onto some prominent place. Things are relatively inexpensive: a jacket will cost 6000-7000 rubles, and on your own website it will cost about € 100. However, there is one "but": the merino wool, which is used by Lyle & Scott, could become a little softer, but the creators, apparently, proceed from the fact that real guys (as they see their customers) do not cry.


The brand founded by Savile Row tailor Jeremy Hackett is sometimes called the British Ralph Lauren. These are things made with chic, but for every day: the true quintessence of the English style.

Hackett makes good thin club jacket sweaters in pure wool or a wool / silk blend, as well as polo and cashmere knit sweaters. In Russia, the brand is very poorly represented, but if you take care of the delivery issue, then on the company's own website you can find a huge range of models.

Hannes roether

The brand of the German designer, which (despite the fact that it is sold in "Traffic") is actually quite neutral. Knitwear is not the main direction of the company, but woolen things come out very well at Hannes Roether.

The autumn collection includes thin wool sweaters, solid gray or black, as well as striped sweaters. One of those things that will look different with dissimilar types of clothing. In such clothes, you can go to work and anywhere else.

Stone island

The Italian Stone Island was conceived as a brand that uses unusual materials for the production of things - including from the field of workwear. The result was, for example, the famous waterproof and windproof jackets.

But when it comes to knitwear, designers go more or less classic way, although these things from Stone Island are - in fact - very warm. In the fall collection there are thick knitted sailor sweaters, in which Fisherman's Friend candy can be advertised.

CP Company

Formerly one with Stone Island, CP Company is now sold to designer Enzo Fusco of FGF Industry.

CP Company, which (as is the custom of Stone Island) was supposed to take the best of uniforms and workwear, now looks more like simple and comfortable clothes for every day. There are always good woolen sweaters and sweaters in harsh men's colors - gray, blue, black. Quality and design - no complaints.

Pringle of scotland

This is it: the most famous Scottish knitwear, the creators of which came up with the once most copied pattern today - with rhombuses. The Pringle of Scotland learned how to knit cashmere back in the 1870s, and almost immediately royals and other noble families began to wear them.

To this day, the brand is the most obvious choice when buying a nice sweater or cardigan in a traditional "English" look. But for some reason, there is a lot of melange yarn in the new collection.

John Smedley

Another British legend, whose trademark was registered back in 1784 in Derbyshire. However, the real story began later, when the company purchased a new generation of spinning machines and started producing its own high-quality knitwear.

Like many others nowadays, John Smedley no longer wants to be just a classic: the company has already made special collections for Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo, who are not distinguished by a special commitment to the classics. The main feature of this knitwear is that things, on the one hand, are thin and delicate, but at the same time they are perfectly warming. The models are mostly neutral, but there are also bright ones, for example, with a pattern of apple cores.

Thom krom

Thom Krom is a men's clothing produced by the German Thomas Kromik. His strong point is organic materials, primarily cotton. The bulk of Thom Krom jersey is very thin long-sleeved T-shirts. But now a little bit of fine wool sweaters have also been brought to Le Form. By the way, the designer's favorite color is gray. And this must be taken into account.


The most democratic cashmere in the world, which is now available in Russia. Uniqlo - these are shelves with colored knitwear of varying degrees of insulation, from which you can choose a thing for any occasion: a cardigan for jeans, a sweater for chinos, a thin sweater for a jacket.

In addition to cashmere, Uniqlo also uses merino wool with the Woolmark mark, but it is better to choose things that are 100% cashmere or most of it: they are softer. There are many companies claiming that their yarn does not roll, but there is simply no other place where you can buy a decent cashmere sweater for 3999 rubles.

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