GQ Magazine Presented A List Of The 100 Most Stylish People In Russia And The World

GQ Magazine Presented A List Of The 100 Most Stylish People In Russia And The World
GQ Magazine Presented A List Of The 100 Most Stylish People In Russia And The World
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On February 26, a traditional GQ cocktail was held in the capital's restaurant "Gastro Pub Lo Picasso" to mark the announcement of the annual list of the 100 most stylish men in Russia and the world. The event was held with the support of Vertu, the first official dealer of the Bentley brand, Bentley Moscow, and the legendary Chivas Regal Scotch whiskey.

That evening, the guests gathered in the new restaurant of Alexander Rappoport honored the laureates, and four of them even received their prizes from the hands of the editor-in-chief Kim Belov. The role of the host of the evening in honor of the hundred most stylish Kim performed for the first time.

The evening began with a concert by artist Anton Belyaev and his band Therr Maitz, and smoothly turned into rewarding with crystal figurines. It is worth recalling that 50 Russian names and 50 international ones have been chosen by the GQ editors annually since 2007, and the list is not presented in a rating format, that is, places (other than the first one) are not awarded.

We are holding this event in early spring, because spring is always the beginning of a new fashion season, setting benchmarks. And it is in the March issue that we consider it important to show what our benchmarks are in terms of the most well-dressed people. In our list of the most stylish there are very different heroes, half of them do not consider each other stylish, but nevertheless, each of them has the most important thing - the correspondence of the appearance to the content and the correspondence of the appearance and content to the era - 2015 in Russia, " of his welcoming speech, Kim, after which he invited to the stage a special guest, the most stylish businessman of this year according to the British GQ, the president of Vertu, Massimiliano Polyani, who launched the awarding ceremony.

This year, the editors and the expert jury did not select the winners in any special category and awarded awards in one single nomination - the most stylish man according to GQ magazine. Kim Belov has announced some of the brightest representatives of this year's list. Restaurateur Alexander Sorkin and actor and entrepreneur Stepan Mikhalkov received their awards. The prize as the most stylish woman went to the director of the Documentary Film Center, charming Sofya Gudkova. Journalist and publicist Nikolai Uskov not only won a statuette from GQ, but also received a special gift from Chivas Regal - a new limited edition Chivas Regal 12 Made for Gentlemen by Bremont.

At the end of the evening, the name of the main winner was announced - film director Andrei Konchalovsky, who topped the list of "100 most stylish" this year. Mr. Konchalovsky will receive a prize from the automotive partner Bentley Moscow - a certificate for a long test drive of the luxury sedan Bentley Flying Spur, which combines exceptional elegance, handmade luxury and power with a sporty character.

Among the guests of the evening were: Anita Gigovskaya and Vadim Yasnogorodsky, Ida Lolo and Alexey Kiselev, Natalya Ionova, Stepan Mikhalkov with her daughter Alexandra Mikhalkov, Alexander Rappoport, Vika Gazinskaya, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Andrey Bartenev, Alexander Terekhov, Alisa Khazanova, Yanina and Studilina, Konstantin Remchukovs, Nikolai Uskov, Ovanes Pogosyan and Snezhana Georgieva, Ksenia Chilingarova, Maria Bogdanovich, Yulia Kalmanovich, Margarita Lieva, Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya, Marianna Maksimovskaya and Vasily Borisov, Irina Kurbatova, Sergey and Galina Karmaev Evgenia Mikulina, Angelica Timanina, Natalia Turovnikova and many others.

The jury responsible for the list this year included: Kim Belov, editor-in-chief of GQ; Alla Alekseevskaya, executive editor of the GQ fashion department; Oksana Bondarenko, owner of the Li-Lu showroom; Alla Verber, fashion director of TSUM; Vadim Galaganov, fashion editor at GQ; Victoria Davydova, editor-in-chief of Vogue; Miroslava Duma, founder of the Buro 24/7 portal; Galina Mazaeva, Senior Editor, Lifestyle Department, GQ; Ekaterina Melnikova, creative director of the GQ fashion department; Masha Fedorova, chief editor of Glamor.

The Instagram broadcast of the event in the account of the GQ magazine (@gqrussia) was conducted by the producer and ambassador of the Moscow Bar Alexey Kiselev.

The list of the most stylish men in Russia and the world is already available on the website of the GQ magazine.

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