GQ Magazine Announces Voting For GQ Person Of The Year

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GQ Magazine Announces Voting For GQ Person Of The Year
GQ Magazine Announces Voting For GQ Person Of The Year
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In September 2014, one of the most prestigious awards in the capital - "Person of the Year" by GQ magazine, will once again be presented. The winners, as in previous years, will be selected by voting by readers on the website and using the questionnaires published in the magazine. Heroes of this year are presented in 13 nominations: "Actor of the Year", "Man from TV", "Director of the Year", "Discovery of the Year", "Musician of the Year", "Businessman of the Year", "Restaurateur of the Year", "Sportsman of the Year", " Woman of the Year”,“Journalist of the Year”,“Trendsetter of the Year”,“Producer of the Year”and International Man.

The list of nominations for the twelfth GQ prize has traditionally undergone changes: the magazine's team decided to remove the "Writer of the Year" nomination, but it was replaced by an equally important one - "Director of the Year".

“The GQ Person of the Year Award is a way for our readers to both celebrate the truly outstanding achievements of our heroes, and for us to find out which of these achievements are considered outstanding by our readers. Voting results usually bring a ton of surprising discoveries. Naturally, we have some of our favorites in each category, the world is small, we know many personally. But all the same, first of all here it is important for us how the readers vote. As for the "Writer of the Year", we have a rule - there should be at least five nominees. And this year we could not name a worthy top five. Individual writers were named, but five such that each of them could claim victory - it did not work, the editors did not choose. But it seems to us that all this is because all our writers are holding on to something significant until next year! " - says the editor-in-chief Kim Belov.

You can vote for your favorite nominee right now on the website ( or by filling out a questionnaire, which will be published in the July issue of GQ (on sale since June 19). Voting will run until the end of August, and the results will be announced at the GQ Person of the Year awards ceremony and published in the October issue along with interviews and a photo portfolio of the winners.

Konstantin Ernst, Adrian Brody, Tom Ford, Vladimir Pozner, Alexander Rodnyansky, Boris Akunin, Ivan Urgant, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Arkady Volozh and many others became the laureates of the prize in different years.

GQ magazine is a unique format for an international men's magazine. For thirteen years of its existence on the Russian market, GQ has consolidated its position as an influential male gloss, which is appreciated for the quality of editorial materials and filming, a high level of reportage and analytical journalism, a sharp and ironic position, biting interviews with representatives of government, business and art.

The nominations include:

  1. Actor of the Year

    1. Konstantin Khabensky ("The Geographer Drank the Globe")
    2. Evgeny Tsyganov ("The Thaw")
    3. Leonid Yarmolnik ("It's hard to be a god")
    4. Grigory Dobrygin (Most Wanted Man (Sundance Festival), "Territory").
    5. Evgeniy Tkachuk ("Winter Way", "Startup")
  1. TV man

    1. Roman Super (Ren TV)
    2. Dmitry Nagiyev ("The Voice", STS - "Kitchen", TNT - "Fizruk")
    3. Andrey Bednyakov (Heads and Tails)
    4. Dmitry Guberniev (Russia 1, 2)

    5. Timur Olevsky ("Rain")
  1. Director of the Year

    1. Zhora Kryzhovnikov ("Bitter!")
    2. Kirill Serebrennikov (Dead Souls)
    3. Valery Todorovsky ("The Thaw")
    4. Andrey Zvyagintsev ("Leviathan")
    5. Dmitry Chernyakov ("Prince Igor" at the Metropolitan Opera)
  1. Discovery of the year

    1. Alexander Filipenko ("Former Son")
    2. Alexander Pal ("Bitter!")
    3. Maxim Liksutov ("Parking")
    4. Philip Bakhtin ("Country of Children", "Kamchatka")

    5. Daniil Kvyat (race car driver, 20 years old, GP3 series champion)
  1. Musician of the Year

    1. "Leningrad" (music group by Sergei Shnurov)
    2. Tugan Sokhiev (new conductor of the Bolshoi Theater)
    3. "SPBC" (Kirill Ivanov)
    4. Sergey Mazaev (leader of the "Moral Code" group)
    5. Basta (also known as Noggano and N1NT3ND0)
  1. Businessman of the Year

    1. Sergey Galitsky (FC Krasnodar, founder of the Magnit network)
    2. Vladimir Potanin (main private investor in Sochi 2014)

    3. Oleg Tinkov (Head of Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank)
    4. Mikhail Prokhorov (purchase of Uralkali)
    5. Gennady Timchenko (founder of the investment group VolgGroup)
  1. Restaurateur of the Year

    1. Vladimir Mukhin, Boris Zarkov ("White Rabbit", Zodiac)
    2. Alexander Rappoport ("Chinese Letter")
    3. Kirill Martynenko and Anton Lyalin (Torro Grill, Boston SeFood)
    4. William Lamberti (Honest UL, "Coal")
    5. Boris Akimov (LavkaLavka)
  1. Athlete of the Year

    1. Alexander Legkov (skis)
    2. Alexey Voevoda, Alexander Zubkov (bobsleigh)
    3. Victor An (short track)
    4. Vic Wilde (snowboard)
    5. Maxim Trankov (figure skating)
  1. International man

    1. Matthew McConaughey (True Detective, Dallas Buyers Club)
    2. Pharrell Williams (Girl album)
    3. Lars von Trier ("Nymphomaniac")
    4. Luis Suarez (Liverpool FC)
    5. Thomas Kretschman ("Stalingrad")
  1. Woman of the Year

    1. Anna Chipovskaya ("The Thaw")
    2. Diana Vishneva (ballet "Grani", Olympics)
    3. Nina Moser (Olympic figure skating coach)
    4. Ingeborga Dapkunaite ("Fast" Moscow-Russia ")
    5. Elena Lyadova ("Leviathan")
  1. Journalist of the Year

    1. Igor Poroshin (, for the cycle of Olympic columns)
    2. Ilya Azar (, Ekho Moskvy, for reports from Ukraine)
    3. Alexander Baunov (
    4. Egor Mostovshchikov ("Russian Reporter")
    5. Anton Dolin ("Afisha")
  1. Trendsetter of the Year

    1. Andrey Artemov (Walk of Shame)
    2. Alexey Kiselev (Noir Bar)
    3. Ilya Likhtenfeld (Gipsy, FF Bar, Denis Simachev Shop & Bar)
    4. Alexander Oganezov (Honest, Zupperia, GlenUil)
    5. Anton Belov ("Garage")
  1. Producer of the Year

    1. Alexander Rodnyansky ("Leviathan")
    2. Dmitry Navosha (
    3. Alexander Akopov, Leonid Blavatnik ("Amediateka")
    4. Konstantin Ernst (opening and closing ceremonies of the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi)
    5. Ilya Burets, Dmitry Nelidov, Sergey Svetlakov, Timur Bekmambetov ("Bitter!").

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