GQ In June. Announcement

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GQ In June. Announcement
GQ In June. Announcement

Twelve favorite GQ moments from the outgoing editor-in-chief.

“Explosion of a car on the set of Danil Golovkin's photo story for an article about abductions. The most interesting thing is that it was not required to blow up the car for the plot. But if we can’t use the editorial budget at least once to plant a wheelbarrow in the courtyard of an abandoned factory, then what are we doing in this industry at all? My article about the "Odessa Barbie" in this issue (p. 136) translated by Leonid Aleksandrovsky. All articles by Leonid Aleksandrovsky. The phrase “do twenty percent less than Aleksandrovsky, please,” I say every month at the sight of turns like “moose apocalypse”, “Bakhchisarai fountain of feces” or “eight-part macabre played out by the gloomy idols of Harrelson and McConaughey, pouring into telegenic sweat. "Stas Mikhailov flew away" (April 2013), Egor Mostovshchikov.A remake of Gay Taliz's great essay "Frank Sinatra caught a cold" by the future Russian Taliz - and with the Sinatra we deserve. A chance to play on stage with Brainstorm during the People of the Year ceremony. More precisely, my favorite moment happened at the rehearsal: when the sound engineer, who at first reacted to what was happening with understandable skepticism and removed me from the mix altogether, realized that the little guy in the tuxedo really knew the lead guitar part for Wind, and carefully turned up the volume. History of Scientology in Russia (December 2012), Olesya Gerasimenko. Like everything that Olesya writes, it is a master class in modern journalism and a crushing response to those who like to whine about the absence of world-class authors in the Russian press. The first in the history of Condé Nast the simultaneous publication of one material by one author in two languages ​​in two journals,Russian and American GQ (interview with Masha Alekhina and Nadia Tolokonnikova). Editorial board. Call. I pick up the phone, go to the office for 30 seconds, come back: “Timati called. He just wrote a song called GQ. He wants to know what we think about this. " One Team (October 2013) - an article about American football on the Volga. For the sake of this material, Maxim Martemyanov almost became a professional quarterback. Headlines “Glavred GQ edited the trailer for“Difficult to be God”, because any phrase starting with the words“Glavred GQ”and not ending with the words“introduced a new GQ number”automatically turns into Ionesco. The anonymous article "The Smartest" (September 2012), better known as "The Real Oxford" and, in addition to a flurry of reactions and a request for a film adaptation, a point-by-point response from the Oxford Dean. Oh yes: it was written by Oksimiron.

All comics, interviews and columns of @KermlinRussia, the only remaining ruling tandem in Russia. All points not listed here. These were the best two and a half years of my life. Thanks to the GQ team, which remains with you under the leadership of Kim Belov, and to you,”says former editor-in-chief Mikhail Idov.

Volley of Katyusha

Her roar (that is, roar) is heard from Sochi karaoke and discos in Miami. But we love Katy Perry not only for this: her spheres of influence are visible to the naked eye. She is the record holder for the number of singles sold in the United States with more than five million copies. And at the top of the Billboard charts, her singles were nine times. One of Perry's distinctive features is his love of reincarnation in videos.

Field theory

They will surely cheer for ours at the World Cup in Brazil with the thoughts: "What if there will be a chance that has not been given for a long time?" The story of the reserve goalkeeper of the national team Yuri Lodygin makes us hope for this - the most amazing thing that happened in Russian football in the XXI century. GQ also provides a guide to the Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro: tips on things to do in the city besides football.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

“At first, there were two reactions to the movement:“You are completely out of your mind”or“You want to make an immortal Putin”.

How to overcome disease, old age and death in order to become an eternally living superman? The answer to this question is known by Dmitry Itskov, who devoted his life to making it into eternity. To do this, in his opinion, means getting thousands more years of life and creativity. Otherwise, death, darkness and uncertainty.

Cinema ticket

From June 1 to June 8, Sochi will host Kinotavr, which has been helping those who are not indifferent to navigate the new Russian cinema for many years. GQ has studied the state of affairs and offers a forecast: this year our cinema will have a woman's face. Women directors talk about why cinema is an addiction, and why directing is not a profession, but a diagnosis.

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If the sun deprives us of its warmth, we take out knitwear from the closet - knitted cardigans, sweatshirts and hoodies.

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Childish Barbie Dol

"Valeria makes a pensive face, which in her case means a smooth journey of the eyeballs upward."

"Living Barbie" - she is Amatue, she is a native of Tiraspol Valeria Lukyanova - the most famous woman from Odessa outside Ukraine. In order to figure out once and for all whether she is a product of Photoshop, Mikhail Idov went to a confrontation with a mysterious exhibit of posthuman glamor.

Also: Tom Cruise clearly does not sit in our time; how Angelina Jolie became a witch; performances that you will not sit up at; a sheep-shaped bedside table and other design fun; thick summer aromas.

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