Mikhail Idov Left GQ

Mikhail Idov Left GQ
Mikhail Idov Left GQ
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Mikhail Idov has decided to leave Condé Nast Russia to take up the position of Creative Director of the Art Pictures group of companies. Journalist and screenwriter Kim Belov will be GQ's editor-in-chief. Mikhail Idov became CEO of GQ in early 2012. Prior to his appointment, he repeatedly appeared as a columnist for various publications of the Russian Condé Nast, including published on the pages of GQ.

“I had the privilege of being behind the wheel of one of the most powerful and beautiful cars invented by man for several years, and I myself am amazed at how far it can drive and how quickly. GQ is and will remain the best magazine brand on the market; if I was not sure of this, then I could not, perhaps, part with him.

Many thanks to my team, publishing house and readers for their help and support. My cooperation with the magazine does not end there, I will remain one of the authors of GQ,”says Mikhail Idov.

Kim Belov is a screenwriter and journalist; in 2003 he graduated from the screenwriting department of VGIK. He began his glossy career at FHM magazine as an editor, then as a deputy editor-in-chief, in 2004 he came to GQ, where he worked for three years, first as an editor, then as a deputy editor-in-chief. Since April 2008, Kim has been the head of Empire magazine, and since the closure of Empire he worked as the publisher of Icons magazine at the Forward MediGroup publishing house. Since 2010 - producer and screenwriter. Co-author of the script for the film “Boomer. The second film”. He is married with three children.

Kim Belov will take over as editor-in-chief of GQ Russia magazine on May 1, 2014. “Doing GQ is both a responsibility and a pleasure,” says Kim Belov. Responsibility to tens of thousands of readers who are accustomed to the high quality of the magazine, accustomed to exceptional texts and filming, to impeccable commentary in the field of fashion. The pleasure of giving the reader all this. There is a great team that shares and understands the values ​​of GQ, there are resources, there is support for one of the most powerful publishing houses in the world. Time is changing rapidly, the magazine must change along with it. I hope I can keep the best of GQ and take the magazine to the next level."

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