Notable Weeks At Tsvetnoy

Notable Weeks At Tsvetnoy
Notable Weeks At Tsvetnoy
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From May 1 to May 14, Redd's Mademoiselle, together with Glamor magazine and Amediateka, will host Fashion Series Week at Tsvetnoy department store. Get discounts, gifts from your favorite brands and come to Tsvetnoy - all you need to do to spend the May holidays #significantly. On the -1 floor of the department store, all 14 days, guests will be waiting for food, favorite TV shows and other little joys from Redd's Mademoiselle.

Redd's Mademoiselle and Glamor invite everyone to attend Fashion Show Week at Tsvetnoy to celebrate spring, renew their wardrobe, get gifts and discounts, and get an unforgettable experience. Joys, even small ones, should be celebrated and noticed every day: good weather, new hairstyle, bright manicure, beauty experiments, a new episode of your favorite TV series or a good purchase - all these are little things that we sometimes do not pay attention to, but they are the ones who do our life is brighter and more beautiful. The main thing to remember is that you don't need a special occasion for a holiday.

Fashion Show Week is part of the annual Glamor Shopping Week. Traditionally, inside the Glamor magazine, readers will be waiting for coupons with additional discounts for their favorite brands, which can be used in stores throughout Russia.

Especially during the event, a cinema will be installed on the -1 floor of Tsvetnoy department store, in which new seasons of favorite TV series will be shown for two weeks: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Girls, etc. - all the best and newest films from the online service "Amediateka" will be available for free viewing. In the beauty corner, girls will be able to experiment with their own image: choose a new hairstyle, apply makeup, and also get a fashionable manicure. Guests will be able to capture their new image in a special photo zone, and the authors of the best shots will receive gifts from the sparkling drink Redd's Mademoiselle, which is responsible for the fun and festive mood of the entire event.

On May 14, all guests of the department store will receive special discounts - on this day, Tsvetnoy stores will reduce prices for their assortment by up to 30%. The Week of Shopping will end with a party with the participation of stars, a big concert of the group SBPCh, ManIsland, and a DJ set from Vitaly Kozak. Admission to the event is free on all days.

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