The August Issue Of The Russian Edition Of The Hollywood Reporter Comes Out On July 22

The August Issue Of The Russian Edition Of The Hollywood Reporter Comes Out On July 22
The August Issue Of The Russian Edition Of The Hollywood Reporter Comes Out On July 22
Video: The August Issue Of The Russian Edition Of The Hollywood Reporter Comes Out On July 22
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We can say that the August issue of THR does not build a concept line in its materials. Unless, of course, we have in mind the topic of sex, which was impossible to pass by in connection with the release of the comedy "Home Video". The issue includes material about the film, top comedies that exploit this theme, and an interview with Cameron Diaz, who often plays a real breakaway in movies.

In life, Cam is also not a quiet and modest girl. THR easily got the actress talking, and she gave a couple of tips on how to improve the sex life in marriage: “The fire is very important to maintain. Everyone has their own ways, but if it really seems to you that such an experience can return a spark between you, then first you need to arrange a "blank run": turn on the camera, put it in front of you, do not press the "record" button, but behave like this, as if it works, and see if that is enough. If not - next time click on "start". And if that doesn't help, just upload the video to the Internet."

As for the variety of other materials, you can also see a positive point in this: everyone will find something to their liking.

For lovers of modesty - the unexpected side of Robert Pattinson, the idol of millions of girls and the hero of the August THR cover, who has gained fame and money, but lives modestly, in a rented apartment with three air mattresses and one battered armchair. He is indifferent to money, and in general is not tied to material values, except perhaps for his collection of 17 guitars - according to him, it is on them that he spends all his money.

For the impatient - materials about the premieres: "Sin City", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Dedicated", "The Expendables 3" - as well as a photo report from the filming of the sequel to the most popular Russian comedy last year - "Bitter!" This time, the beloved heroes celebrate not a wedding, but a commemoration. However, it was not without the toastmaster in the person of the same Sergei Svetlakov.

For the decisive - Australian actor Eric Bana, known to us more for his roles in films such as "Black Hawk Down", "Hulk", "Troy", "Munich" and "Star Trek", confesses his love to auto racing: "I am an avid racer, very I love this thing. And the riders, in my opinion, are just the characters that I prefer to play. They are focused, attentive, and get real pleasure from the adrenaline rush into the blood at breakneck speed."

“Your character is fat and ugly. It's so fresh! " - when I heard this, I was almost numb with rage! "What do you mean, excuse me?" - "Well, we are used to skinny people, and you are so scary - it is very unusual to see you on the screen", - Mindy Kaling and some other daring and funny comedic actresses: Zooey Deschanel, Kaley Cuoco, Emmy Rossum, Idi Falco, Taylor Schilling - talk about failed auditions, awkward moments on set and the insolence of some viewers.

For readers with more profligate tastes, we've rounded up tips for a confident masculine wardrobe and auto tuning tips from movie stars.

For the curious - in the "Investigation" section THR talks about the passions flaring up in the family clan of the descendants of Walt Disney, who left behind a multimillion-dollar inheritance, but not everyone to whom it was bequeathed managed to get it.

Another mystery about the privacy of celebrities: what connects Tom Cruise, Scarlett Johansson, British Prince Harry and Pamela Anderson? All of these are stars whose naughty photos and videos leaked to the Internet.

One of the masters of Russian cinema - Sergei Solovyov - is 70 years old. On this occasion, THR asked the director to visit, intending to take pictures of Sergei Alexandrovich at home and talk about his life and work. But both the conversation and the shooting did not go exactly as we had planned. Having done his best, Sergei Aleksandrovich decided that this was not enough, and he took a picture of our photographer himself.

Another legend dear to the Russian audience is Faina Ranevskaya. For 30 years now, she has not been with us, and the memory of the people is alive: to this day, more and more biting sayings are bred, allegedly spoken by a great actress once.

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