The January Issue Of The Russian Edition Of The Hollywood Reporter Comes Out On December 17

The January Issue Of The Russian Edition Of The Hollywood Reporter Comes Out On December 17
The January Issue Of The Russian Edition Of The Hollywood Reporter Comes Out On December 17

Video: The January Issue Of The Russian Edition Of The Hollywood Reporter Comes Out On December 17

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In the festive January issue, THR went to the set of The Demons, one of the biggest TV projects of the next year, and talked to its creators.

Meanwhile, young and promising actor Chris Pine, who starred in Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory, told THR about his dreams of becoming US President, real superheroes and the simple joys of life.

Fans have been waiting for a new film from the Coen brothers for five years. Is it difficult to make a movie about musicians in Hollywood, what are the most unexpected casting decisions made by biopic directors about the stars of the stage and an exclusive interview with the creators of the 2013 Cannes hit “Inside Lewin Davis” - on the pages of THR.

Another American actor, the legendary Robert Redford, is one of the main contenders for the main film award of the year. The 77-year-old actor is ready to compete for the third statuette in his collection. The film Hope Will Not Fade away, in which he starred alone, was greeted by the audience standing at the premiere - and its creators told THR about the difficulties of filming on the water, walking on the high seas during a storm and the lack of philosophical overtones in the film about the struggle for survival.

Another Oscar favorite this year is action and thriller star Colin Farrell, who played his first touching and truly dramatic role in Saving Mr. Banks. While Colin Farrell is tipped with a golden statuette for the first time in his career, he shared his memories of the legendary matches of Diego Maradona and almost confessed who was more pleasant to kiss - Keira Knightley or Salma Hayek.

At this time, Meryl Streep, the most titled actress of our time, decided to play such a role, after which the whole world will absolutely hate her. How her daughters reacted to this - in an exclusive interview with THR.

“When I was shooting this picture, I just did not perceive it as a comedian.” - Ben Stiller. One of the most prominent and respected comedians of our time does not like to play in his films, but he does it regularly. How he recruited actors for his new project “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty” and found out who would like his picture - in an interview with THR.

Another comedy from the playful quartet I, which turned out to be not so funny, is coming out in Russia. Do the Russian audience really need laughter through tears and are the actors not afraid to scare away potential audiences, asked the THR correspondent.

“In invented personalities, I can give free rein to my imagination,” - Leonardo DiCaprio. An exclusive interview with Hollywood's most mysterious actor, in which an inveterate collector and carousel talks about greed, the psychological underpinnings of working on Wall Street and his own early maturity.

Film production in Central Asia: how a new Bollywood was born in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders and why in some countries there is only one feature film a year. In addition, THR publishes the most important, according to the authors of the magazine, events in the world of the film business in 2013.

The traditional round table THR brought together the writers of the brightest films of the outgoing year: Julie Delpy ("Before Midnight"), Nicole Holofseneur ("Enough Words"), George Clooney and Honas Cuaron ("Gravity"), Grant Heslov ("Treasure Hunters"), Danny Strong ("The Butler") and John Ridley ("12 Years a Slave"). In a casual conversation, they discussed David Snowden, stickers and the dumbest edits from studios and producers.

People who surprised us: THR remembers the loudest appearances in the world, the most amazing couples and the main trends of the social life of the world.

One of the most successful producers in Hollywood, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, whose independent activity turned 10 years old this year, shares his professional secrets: where did the idea to make "Transformers" come from and how you can predict the success of the project.

THR publishes an excerpt from the literary script of the film "Dear Hans, Dear Peter" by Alexander Mindadze, which will begin filming this summer.

Larry King is an American TV legend who turned 80 the day before. How his creative path developed, what is the role of Frank Sinatra in his career and why the busiest and most elusive people on the planet give him interviews so easily - in the THR material.

“Yes, it took many years so that I could open many doors without knocking,” - Timur Rodriguez. Another television star, this time Russian, showman, singer and jack of all trades Timur Rodriguez tells THR about his role, quality music and Jim Carrey.

Why does Andrei Chadov, unlike his younger brother, act in films so rarely? How not to waste your time on bad projects and dream of big roles - in the material of THR.

Finally, in the "Style" section - fashionable things on a winter walk, the trend of the season - vintage, as well as festive table setting.

Finally, a little New Year's present from The Hollywood Reporter. Each reader who has collected all 12 issues of the magazine for 2013 will be able to see a portrait of Charlie Chaplin on the spines. And starting with the January issue, a new surprise awaits readers.

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