International Textiles No. 6 (23) December-January 2006/07

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International Textiles No. 6 (23) December-January 2006/07
International Textiles No. 6 (23) December-January 2006/07
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International Textiles magazine is the world's leading publication in the field of textile innovations, styling collections, and interior design. More than 100 pages of up-to-date, richly illustrated information that a true fashion industry professional needs. International Textiles magazine provides professional support to Moscow Fashion Week (Gostiny Dvor) and Russian Fashion Week. The main theme of the International Textiles issue # 6 (23) 2006/07: Fall-Winter Fashion 2007/08.

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The main theme of the issue is the fall-winter 2007/08 fashion, which again turns to the past. The images in the spirit of dandyism and the recognizable features of the Belle Epoque, a period at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, are relevant. The fashion proposals of the new season are varied and include many alternative solutions, the leitmotif of which is the desire for individualization.


The patterns and textures of the fabrics of the new season demonstrate the influence of different eras and fashion trends - from the Belle Époque and Gothic to graphics of the 60s and 70s, military style, classic British fashion and futurism. On the pages of the magazine there are over 100 samples selected from the best collections of fabrics that were demonstrated at the famous Premiere Vision exhibition.

The new palette of the upcoming season creates a sense of calm and serenity. It includes more than 20 trendy shades - from subdued and subdued to soft, whitened, as if candied or shrouded in haze.

Elegant and luxurious accessories are one of the most important components of the fall / winter 2007/08 fashion. Partridge feathers and Empire style buckles are offered as new attributes of femininity, emblems with heraldic symbols and crystal rhinestones are becoming favorites of men's fashion.


In the collections of the participants of the Haute Couture Week, which, despite the existing problems, again made the hearts of sophisticated viewers flutter, there were presented models that determined the main trends that will find their embodiment in pret-a-porte fashion in the future. These include mini length, layering, metallic effects and luxurious decor.

What does fashion offer for the upcoming fall / winter 2007/08 season? The main thing is skillfully created contrasts that give rise to many alternative solutions.

New names on the pages of the magazine. These are young designers, graduates of fashion colleges from around the world, whose collections are becoming more confident and commercially successful every year.

8 main trends typical for fashionable men's clothing for the autumn-winter season are presented in the proposals of Russian fashion designers.

The secrets of the Great Mademoiselle will be revealed to the readers of the magazine by a chapter from the book “Mysterious Coco Chanel” by Marcel Edrich, her friend and long-term chronicler, printed on its pages.

The Street style column continues the story of how consumers interpret fashion. The most original proposals that can become a subject for the study of professional fashion designers are in a photo reportage from the crowded streets of the megalopolis.


Lingerie strikes with a variety of style solutions. An unusual type of lingerie comes to the fore, reflecting a passion for self-expression. One of the presented trends under the motto "Retro-kitsch" offers a transformed image of a fatal woman in everyday lingerie, and the theme "Body Art" - the most relevant printed designs. Contrasting trims and embroidery are the main details.


The magazine offers 13 best objects for the interior of the exhibition 100% Design, the main trends of which are decorative minimalism and eco-friendly ergonomics.

New items in the design of modern decorative textiles are presented in the magnificently illustrated section "Textiles for the interior". Among the most relevant structures are thin and weightless, soft and multi-layered, as well as light jacquard weaves. Shades of pink, red and muted fuchsia are becoming hits in interior fashion.


One of the important news for Russian manufacturers of fashion products is the new dates for the Textillegprom fair, which will now be held from 13 to 16 February and from 17 to 20 September.

As always, page 104 contains useful information about vacancies in the Russian fashion market.

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