MODA Topical Magazine March-April

MODA Topical Magazine March-April
MODA Topical Magazine March-April
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What do the stars recommend to buy in the new season?

Fashion with the charming singer Nyusha, release "The Miraculous Transformation of an Angel".

Nyusha presents a collection of super-fashionable fur coats from the "Fur Design" salon-studio, the most fashionable styles that adequately complement trendy outfits. The looks are complemented by the latest accessories!

“Precious Moments” with Anastasia Chernobrovina demonstrate the delightful jewelry collection from the Jewelery House Tulupov company. Anastasia, like a real business woman, reflects the severity of the precious collection and her inimitable femininity. Unique necklaces, rings and earrings will complement the fashionable outfit with the sophistication and sparkle of diamonds. Actress and TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva presents the hit of the season - bright colors and floral prints on dresses from the French fashion salon “O'la-la”.

A wonderful photo session displays the most fashionable trend of the coming season, graceful dresses, flowing styles, fashionable colors, a truly visual shopping guide for our fashionistas! The "Topical persona" section presents an interview with Alexander Marshal. Alexander Marshal spoke about music, lifestyle and fashion. His preferences for prestigious brands and styles are just as evident for imitation of good taste. Dominic Joker is the same example of the fashionable personality of modern show business, who in his interview talks about his vision of fashion, his own style and image. The magazine tells about the most fashionable spring shopping trends and news about fashion weeks in Moscow. In detail, I clearly introduce you to the most exquisite places that are worth visiting on the May holidays!

A fabulous corner of the Canary Islands Tenerife, the heart of the Mediterranean - Malta, a wonderful place in the sun - a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Cape Town and the unearthly beauty of southern dreams - a trip to the United Arab Emirates. The relevance of the "Topical Season" column is reflected in the colors of spring collections - the collections "white clouds", "blue-blue sea" and "yellow sun" represent the spring collections of such famous designers as Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake and many others! "Topical Trends" are represented by a variety of models of light-season coats, matching accessories and colors that inspire the spring mood. And of course, only from the most fashionable couturiers!

The magazine March-April 2012 also presents the most interesting and informative articles from the headings "topical fitness", "topical beauty" and "topical health". And of course, one of the most long-awaited columns of the magazine - Topical Events - where fashionable readers are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the secular events of Moscow, keeping pace with the world of fashion and music.

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