Finalists Of The PROfashion Masters Fashion Design Competition

Finalists Of The PROfashion Masters Fashion Design Competition
Finalists Of The PROfashion Masters Fashion Design Competition
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Lyudmila Gorkovenko from Moscow reached the final, who proposed a modification of the classic trench coats, Ekaterina Yurkovets from Krasnoyarsk, who developed a series of feminine coats inspired by the film Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live, as well as another Muscovite - Ksenia Savostyanova with a collection of youth outerwear decorated with bright graphic prints. These members have earned the highest scores. Olga Vass (Moscow), Yulia Kalinina (Moscow), Dzhangiryan Narek (Yerevan), Alexey Malinin (Ivanovo), Aya Kirgizbaeva (Almaty), Ksenia Novikova (Ivanovo), Ekaterina Sloboziyan (St. Petersburg) were also among the top ten winners.

The invited jury of the competition consists of thirty professionals working in various fields of the fashion industry - from manufacturing to retail. Each of the judges voted autonomously, giving marks, which were subsequently summed up, and the average score was displayed. Almost unanimously, the jury noted the high level of most of the submitted works.

“It was very interesting to see and evaluate the works of young designers,” designer Sergei Efremov shared his impressions. “I saw promising works that show how a person thinks, how he relates to his future consumer.”

“I enjoyed watching a lot of interesting sketches,” added Elena Pismenskaya, CEO of Kids Fashion Retail. “Someone was inspired by countries and their history, someone was inspired by artists and their works, and someone was inspired by women on our streets."

In addition, the judges of the competition noticed that the technique of execution of sketches, made, inter alia, with the use of computer programs, is growing from year to year. Thanks to this, it becomes easier and easier to form an impression of the future collection.

“This year, a large number of sketches were made with a professional computer presentation,” said Galina Istomina, curator of design programs at CPM - Collection Premiere Moscow. - One gets the impression that students take part in the competition in whole groups, moreover, under the guidance of a teacher. In my opinion, this is very good."

“This year I liked the work of several people who showed the variability of their models: they can be simplified to a commercial level, or you can add chic shine through decor and original details,” commented Svetlana Kostenko, editor-in-chief of the Atelier magazine.

This year, the organizers of PROfashion Masters have decided to add the Audience Award to the professional voting. The eleventh participant will join the top ten finalists already selected after the "popular vote" on social networks.

For the production of the competition collection, all finalists receive materials free of charge from the general partner of the project - the international company Tkani Prestige. The sponsor provides the contestants with fabrics from their catalog in accordance with the idea of ​​the developed collection and, in addition, offers the possibility of printing original author's prints. The finished collections of the finalists will be shown on the catwalk of the largest business fashion exhibition CPM - Collection Premiere Moscow in February 2020.

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