7th PROfashion Awards Ceremony

7th PROfashion Awards Ceremony
7th PROfashion Awards Ceremony

Video: 7th PROfashion Awards Ceremony

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Video: 7th Grade Awards Ceremony 2023, January

On December 2, 2015, the 7th professional award ceremony in the fashion industry PROfashion Awards took place in the InfoSpace Event-hall.

He opened the eventful program of the event with a welcome-cocktail and a musical performance by the Block [BASS] ter group, during which the guests of the evening could also get acquainted with creative showcases from Bezko and Oguz Prestige companies.

By far the most anticipated moment of the evening was the announcement of the list of the award winners. This year, the organizers of the annual PROfashion Awards ranking presented a special approach to the analysis of companies' activities. One of the main principles was the encouragement of those who keep up with the times and, despite the difficult state of the market, not only stay afloat, but also look for new and non-standard ways of development. This year, reputable market participants who are members of the PROfashion Awards expert council independently chose the award winners, based on the creative decisions made and implemented by companies in order to expand their business activity. In this regard, the focus of the award's organizing committee is on those individuals and companies who decisively launch bright initiatives, bold innovations and impressive concepts.

During its existence, PROfashion Awards has become one of the most resonant events in the Russian professional fashion community. Despite the new format, the main goal of the award remained the same - to sum up the business results and, with absolute impartiality, name the headliners of the outgoing year from among the players of the Russian fashion business in the following nominations:

Showcase of the Year - Department Store "Moskovsky" (St. Petersburg)

Discovery of the Year (for the brave withdrawal of the brand during the crisis) - Mafrat

The best Russian clothing manufacturer - Pompa

Company of the Year (for successful entry into foreign markets) - Radical Chic

Industry Exhibition of the Year - Central Fashion Asi (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

Showroom of the Year - ATVS Fashion Group

Omni Channel Retailer of the Year - Aizel.ru

Trade Mission of the Year - SistemModItali (SMI)

Shopping center of the year. Moscow - shopping center "Aviapark"

Each laureate of the award received not only a standing ovation and magnificent flower arrangements from the Terrafiori company, but also an award that became a kind of "Oscar" in the fashion industry - the PROfashion statuette. This time, the organizers of the award, in collaboration with the 3D technology studio "3Dsol", printed the main PROfashion Awards on a 3D printer, adding not only elegance and grace to the silhouette, but also a semantic load. The dress, woven of fine lines, is a spider web that connects real professionals, and the shine of gold as a symbol of sophistication reminds of the general goal of the fashion industry - to make the world fashionable.

In addition to the nominations themselves, there was another intrigue awaiting the guests of the evening. As part of the PROfashion Awards 2015 ceremony, the results of the 1st stage of the Second All-Russian PROfashion Masters Competition for Fashion Designers with the support of Oguz Prestige were summed up.

10 participants reached the final of the competition, whose sketches, according to the jury, were the most creative and valuable from an artistic point of view. The design duet of Sofia Pudovkina and Yulia Bogdanova (Moscow) became the leaders in terms of the number of votes. The second place also went to the tandem of designers - Anastasia Konovalova and Igor Lomov (Chelyabinsk). III place was taken by Andrey Talayev (St. Petersburg).

The finalists also included Yulia Voloshinovich (Moscow), Lidia Demidova (Saint Petersburg), Anna Kornilova (Moscow), Anastasia Milovanova (Moscow), Olesya Nikitina (Shakhty), Valeriya Parkhomenko (Moscow) and Sloeva Margarita (St. Petersburg).

A pleasant surprise for the guests of the ceremony was the “anti-crisis proposal” from the organizers of the PROfashion Awards in the form of 20 kilograms of black and red caviar, as well as 80 kilograms of fresh strawberries. The evening ended with a performance by the musical group Live In and general dances.

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