Fashion For Russian Or Talent Needs Help

Fashion For Russian Or Talent Needs Help
Fashion For Russian Or Talent Needs Help
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In early November 2014, the PROfashion Publishing House, together with the Turkish textile company Oğuz Prestige, are launching the I All-Russian competition for fashion designers PROfashion Masters, one of the missions of which is to find and support young talents.

Students and graduates of specialized higher educational institutions at least 18 years old, as well as young professionals, independent designers and design studios, can take part in the free PROfashion Masters competition with the support of Oğuz Prestige.

The I All-Russian competition of fashion designers PROfashion Masters with the support of Oğuz Prestige, the main theme of which was outerwear (coats) for the Autumn - Winter 2015/16 season, will be held in two stages. The first stage is a sketch competition. From 20 to 24 November, a competent jury, represented by leading fashion experts, will select 10 of the most interesting and promising contestants. The names of the finalists of the first stage of the fashion competition will be announced at the 6th annual professional award in the fashion industry PROfashion Awards 2014, which will be presented on November 27 at the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center hotel.

As part of the second stage of the PROfashion Masters competition, designers who have successfully passed the qualifying round will be given the opportunity to create a collection of coats from fabrics from the general sponsor - the Turkish company Oğuz Prestige and already in February 2015 demonstrate it on the podium of one of the professional fashion industry exhibitions. Based on the results of the gala show of the finalists of the project, the jury will determine the three winners of the PROfashion Masters. Competitive coat models will remain the property of each participant, and those designers whose collections, according to experts, will be of the greatest artistic value, correspond to current trends, but at the same time differ in novelty and creativity, will receive cash prizes from the general sponsor Oğuz Prestige and the media holding PROfashion.

Applications for participation in the competition are accepted from 5 to 17 November 2014 on the official website of the PROfashion Masters project

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