Sex And The City # 34, February 2010/11

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Sex And The City # 34, February 2010/11
Sex And The City # 34, February 2010/11
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Who helps people? Charity and its motives

Our secular society is carried away by charity. Sex and the City found out whether it became kind and socially responsible at the same time.

That's it, we have arrived!

Why does the mayor of Vancouver ride a bike around the city? Because everyone does it there! And in Russia, for a resident of a megalopolis, a personal car has imperceptibly turned from an attribute of individual freedom into a school of evil and a prison on wheels. Sex and the City stands up for liberation.

My Antihero

In February, two films with the participation of Diane Kruger are released. The Hollywood thriller "Unknown White Man" can be seen on the wide screen, while the French drama "Barefoot for the Snails" is available only on DVD. In the last film, the actress plays an absolutely normal person. But it was this role that ended in deep depression for her. How it happened in the new issue of Sex and the City.

For love, for friendship

After the world premiere of Vladimir Vladimirovich at the piano, surrounded by Hollywood stars, talking about secular music-making is somehow dumb. But, scary to say, VVP is not the only Russian musician living under the guise of serious pursuits. It's just that his legend is cooler. About the vocal talents of the capital's beau monde and the "human factor" of the evolution of his musical taste in the February issue of the magazine.

Enviable wives

Is it easy to be the wife of a world-famous athlete, the most charismatic Russian composer, or a restaurateur known throughout Moscow? To get an answer, Maria Lobanova met with Yulia Arshavina, Olga Krutoy and Nadezhda Advokatova.

Rules of the Season

Fashion is a knockout game. Rare things can stay relevant for several seasons. But as long as there are such "rarities" in your wardrobe, you also remain in the game. It is better to see the main trends of the new season once than to hear about them a hundred times.

Also in this issue:

Male work: How a man with men dealt with his models by photographer Mariano Vivanco. The undisguised evidence is in his latest album Uomini. It seems that it is going to rain: What is not talked about at social evenings - from Greek myths to BDSM practices! Sex and the City followed the discussion. Rare footage: Of all the arts about fashion, cinema is the most important. We recall the most notable films on fashion themes.

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