A Session Of Fashionable Psychoanalysis In The September Issue Of Sex And The City

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A Session Of Fashionable Psychoanalysis In The September Issue Of Sex And The City
A Session Of Fashionable Psychoanalysis In The September Issue Of Sex And The City
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Sex and the City Announcement, September 2010

Our shopping at the beginning of the fashion season is often like a psychoanalysis session. What kind of woman do we want to be today? A domineering careerist who decides everything herself, achieves personal success and strives for financial independence? Or a romantic person who is not able to deal with this world without a strong male shoulder? However, even six months before we make this choice in stores and in our minds, designers define it at the fashion shows of the new season, translating changes in society into design.

After the First World War, they shortened women's skirts and legalized the wearing of trousers, which logically coincided with the rapid development of feminism.

The end of the 40s gave rise to the New Look style with its splendor, corsets and bows, giving women the opportunity, after the gloom of the war years, to become princesses again, waiting for their hero on a white horse. The economic boom of the 60s led to the sexual revolution and the mini-skirt kingdom. The mixing of styles in the 70s - from hippies to disco - is an attempt to break out of patriarchal family foundations. Then there appeared the "working girls" of the 80s in jackets with huge shoulders and catchy jewelry, unisex 90s and a mixture of 2000s styles with the brand mania characteristic of the era of consumption.

This glorious era, as we all, alas, know, ended with a global crisis, and now we again face a difficult dilemma. Should we continue to be tough and self-confident bitches, because men are no longer the same, and there are not enough of them, normal, and we have long been accustomed to paying our own bills? Or is it high time for us to "turn on the girl", to learn to be weak and defenseless with men and thereby awaken the instincts of a "hero on a white horse" in them? The cold severity of Lanvin or the gentle romance of Louis Vuitton? In general, there is a place for psychoanalysts to roam.

Maria Lobanova, Editor-in-Chief of Sex and the City magazine

Difficult cinema

With Maria Mironova, an actress who played in the upcoming films "Moscow, I Love You" and "Cadenzas", Sex and the City started a conversation about rap, television and bad public relations of the image of a housewife.

On the first try

Lyanka Gryu goes through life laughing - we heard her laugh in "The Return of the Musketeers" and the TV series "Barvikha". But in the new film "Children under 16 …" the actress will have to not only laugh, but also cry. How close to her is the role of a disappointed woman in the new issue of Sex and the City.

Exemplary girls

Style icons are not like icons: they do not always behave well, but they know very well that you can walk through life like on a catwalk. They envy their success and try to follow their example.

Trends 2010-2011

Fashionable autumn on the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London, New York and Moscow in the September issue of Sex and the City magazine.

Without lowering the degree

The famous perfumer and grandson of the founder of the Hennessy cognac house Kilian Hennessy admitted to Sex and the City that he can warm up even cooling sexual relations.


Where do rumors come from in the world? Those. where in the world do rumors about the details of the sexual life of famous people come from? Instead of discussing the details of someone else's personal life, Zoya Freud invites secular young ladies to diversify theirs.

I'm not an exception. Fashion killers from Ksenia Sobchak

Having done a gigantic, months-long work on the classification of fashion killers, Ksenia Sobchak presents notes on the pages of Sex and the City in the margins of her book "Encyclopedia of a Loha".

Also in this issue:

Power Source: "What sexual experiences inspired you to create these works?" - we asked young artists, participants of the KamasutrSpoon exhibition held in Moscow.

Important details: God is in the details. Inspired by the phrase of the great Goethe, our stylists went to Milan in search of fashionable "little things" necessary to create harmonious images.

And his success awaits in life: If your man is not as successful as you would like it to be, we suggest thinking about whether you did everything to fix the situation. How to make an oligarch out of a husband, in the September issue of Sex and the City.

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