How Much Does The Sex And The City Style Cost?

How Much Does The Sex And The City Style Cost?
How Much Does The Sex And The City Style Cost?
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"Sex and the City" - and the cult series, and the full-length version that followed it - was equally fascinated by the intricacies of the plot and the unusually stylish wardrobe of the main characters. Thanks to Sex and the City, Manolo Blahnik shoes and Fendi handbags, Christian Dior dresses and Dolce & Gabbana sandals became especially popular. In the second part of "Sex and the City", however, fashion brands are much more diverse - and sometimes actresses try on things that are much more democratic in terms of cost.

Instead of the traditional Manolo Blahnik, Carrie Bradshaw in the new part of the film increasingly appears in shoes from other fashion brands - for example, in soft lilac Locot shoes by Brian Atwood for $ 835 and Gino sandals by Christian Louboutin for $ 865 …

CynthiNixon's heroine Miranda Hobbs prefers shoes that are much more classic - Yves Saint Laurent Triumph platform shoes for $ 795. The heroine Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall) Samantha Jones in the second part of "Sex and the City" still prefers exotic accessories - for example, a purse made of python skin from VBH for 1.3 thousand dollars.

Actress Kristin Davis and her character Charlotte York share a love of elegant clothes, with stylists dressing Davis exclusively in creations from French fashion brand Christian Dior, from the $ 790 skirt to the jacket ($ 3,090) and Lady handbag. Dior in pink leather ($ 6,650). Sarah Jessica Parker combines her expensive shoes with much more democratic dresses - for example, outfits from the Halston Heritage collection, which cost from 325 to 435 dollars.

The most expensive piece of jewelry that has appeared in the frame so far is considered to be the luxurious Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace, which was tried on by Sarah Jessica Parker - its cost is an impressive 198,200 dollars. In addition, in the second part of "Sex and the City" you can see the already familiar outfit - a dress with a newspaper print from Christian Dior, in which the heroine Parker appeared in one of the episodes of the third season of the series.

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